Sky's QR Code Campaign

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Congratulations to rawedge for this QR campaign for Sky Atlantic. A simple QR code, pointing to a URL (with source=qr for analytics), a mobile website, and a 3gp video. Almost perfect. Why Almost? I'm a nit-picker - but here are a few suggestions to make the campaign better. Make the code bigger. When dealing with…

Moo Cards with QR Codes

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Moo Cards seem to be the darling of the UK tech scene. Cute business cards which you can personalise with whatever you like. Some people are boring and use company logos, others dump their best flickr images on there. Me? I'm all about phones and QR codes, so.....

Doctor Who QR Codes

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Mobile QR codes are fantastic. They're real-life hyperlinks. Snap them with your phone and go direct to a website. What could be better? The BBC, however, need a few lessons in how to optimise the experience. As part of their Prisoner Zero page - the BBC have an awesome "Wanted Poster". Here's the teaser image.…

Doctor Who and Mobile Phones

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A slightly modified BlackBerry Storm.

It shouldn't come as a surprise to any reader of this blog that I'm a phone geek. And a Doctor Who geek.  So, image my utter nerdgasm when we got to see the 11th Doctor using a mobile he'd nicked.  The burning question is which phone? It's quite hard to see throughout the episode. It…

Tweeting via QR

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BBH Labs - a marketing agency's "Skunkworks" - recently blogged about using QR Codes to send messages via Twitter. There approach was interesting, but as I commented, there are ways to improve it. If you scan in the above QR code, it will take you to Twitter and pre-populate your status with "@edent". You can,…

YouTube and QR Codes

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I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere else. It would appear that the mobile version of YouTube now includes links to QR codes, so you can share the video with your friends. I've only seen this using the Android browser, I'm not sure if it's available on other devices. Browsing at the bottom is a…

Edent says: Find Me

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Where am I? Most high-end Nokia phones come with a QR reader. If your phone doesn't, I have a list of QR code readers - compatible with most camera phones.

Lufthansa - 2D Barcode Boarding Passes

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Yesterday, I was a little pissed off with Lufthansa. How hard is it to supply a vegetarian meal on a plane? Anyway, today they have totally redeemed themselves. I love online check-in because it means that I don't have to faff around at the airport, I can choose my own seat, it reduces queueing and,…

QR Codes seen in the wild!

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Seen on a billboard in London, near Oxford Circus tube. A part electronic animated advert offering a discount at a local store. If you text to 79990 you'll receive a Datamatrix code. In this case, it's the store which is using the code; they'll scan it in before giving you a discount. This is a…

QR Codes

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QR Codes are funky 2D barcodes. Snap one with your camera phone and you'll get information on your phone. However good your mad T9 skillz are, it's a struggle to type in long URLs, SMS exact keywords to a shortcode or to accurately transcribe a business card onto your phone. That's where QR Codes come…