The Vodafone Ball

The Vodafone logo.

I'm just on the coach back from the Vodafone annual Ball. That was amazing. We knew there would be four musical acts on - but no one had any idea who they were. First up, the incomparable Madness if that had been the headliner, I think a lot of people would have gone home happy. […]

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Two photos of me from behind. The first I have long hair all the way down my back. In the second, a good 20cm has been trimmed from it.

I had a hair cut the other day. My hair is now short. Well... Shorter. It's still halfway down my back but it feels so odd. Still, it's nice not to have split ends 🙂 I remember whenever anyone at school had even so much as a trim we'd chant "haircuuuuuuuut". I never knew why. […]

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We are the champions!

Clipart of a trophy.

I love attending pub quizes - it's the trivia geek inside me. There's nothing quite like putting your mind to the task of solving odd riddles, remembering the exact date of an event, or working out who did what. All good, clean, wholesome fun! Apart from the foul stench of tobacco - the sooner they […]

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