Google+'s Broken Name Policy - Again!

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Google saying the name isn't available.

Many years ago, I worked with a chap known only as D.C. That's how he introduced himself, that's how people referred to him, that was his name. Eventually, I asked him what his real name was - and why he preferred "D.C." He replied "David Copeland". For those of you in America - imagine someone…

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What's Up With BBM's Android Reviews?

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So, after much delay, and many technical difficulties, BlackBerry have finally launched their BBM app on Android. Whenever I launch an app on Android, I'm immediately inundated with emails from companies promising me thousands of 5* reviews for only a few hundred dollars. I've never taken up their offer - it's unethical, probably illegal, and…

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Should Journalists Bother Checking Sources?

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OMG WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!!111!! (Subsequently deleted but still available at Fadah Jassem's tweet) Let's take a look at the article and see if we can determine if this is a trustworthy source... Hmmm... I see "9/11 Truth", "Bilderberg", "Chemtrails" right next to the image. There's a conspiracy corner in the top right. We…

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