Changes to the blog

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I'm updating the blog's template to be .mobi compliant. I'm using the Blogger mobile template found on the site. After seeing it on SMSTextNews I'm implanting Disqus comments. Let's see if we can get them validating against the W3c.

iPhone vs iPlayer : 3G capacity planning

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The Internet is abuzz with the on-going spat between the BBC and the UK ISP industry. In short, the iPlayer is now responsible for 5% of all data traffic in the UK. That figure is growing. The problem is that the ISPs have been selling "unlimited" internet connectivity when their capacity is severly limited. The…

N-gage user experience. 100% failure.

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I really want to like Nokia. They produce some amazing hardware, but time and time again, they're let down by poor software with a dreadful user experience. Take the recent n-gage launch. N-gage was a flop when it originally launched several years ago. It's absolutely critical for Nokia to get this relaunch right or else…