Mafia Wars - Two UI Flaws

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I am greatly enjoying playing Zynga's Mafia Wars on the Cadbury's iPhone. There are two fairly interesting UI flaws which I'd like to point out... The first is the screen which allows you to alter your stats - this is what it looks like. However, this is what most people will see. Can you spot…

The Perfect Ingredients for a Miracle Berry Party

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Miracle Berry Tablets purchased from Miracle Fruit International.

Thoughts on #AmazonFail

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I want to ignore the debate about whether it's right or wrong to "censor" books based on the sexuality of their subject matter. It doesn't matter, at this stage, whether Amzon's deranking of LGBTQI works was a glitch, policy or the work of trolls. What matters is the action taken by the "online community" and…


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Bob-The-Taxi is a warmer, friendlier take on Marrion & Geoff. Bob, a down on his luck ageing reprobate is reduced to ferrying around his rich & famous former friends in his decrepit old car. Watch as his simple minded questioning makes his guests unintentionally reveal more about themselves than they ever expected. Staring Ricky Gervais…

The Worst Thing About Being Vegetarian - Part 1

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I'm very happy being a vegetarian. There are, however, some highly annoying problems that all vegetarians encounter. The first is, when going to a Michelin Starred restaurant, only having a single menu choice. Usually it's cheese salad. Or mushroom risotto. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful to have a single item suitable for my dietary…

Porn and Social Media #SMCLondon

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This was a talk I gave at Social Media Camp London in 2009. In it, I describe my experiences working with user-generated-content, pornography, and other adult material. This was one of my earliest BarCamp talks, and contains several ideas which now seem quite outdated.I was attempting to warn people about accepting UGC - not only…

BlackBerry AppWorld - Pictures and thoughts

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So, RIM have finally released their Application Store (hereafter called AppWorld) Let's take it for a spin on a BlackBerry Bold (9000 running for those who care about such things). All screenshots taken with the magnificent CaptureIt from The Tech Mogul. You can grab it by pointing your 'Berry at First off, it's…