Stopping Coral’s SMS Spam

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I don’t like spam. I’m very careful always to tick the “do not pass my details on to 3rd parties” box on forms. So, when I do get SMS spam, I like to know who has been flouting the rules. See my previous investigation. A few weeks ago, I received this rather annoying message: I’m…

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OK, you *are* too stupid to use QR codes

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Earlier this week, I blogged that some people were too stupid to use QR codes. I concluded, by saying You’re not too stupid to understand how to make effective use of QR codes. The “commandments” are mostly just common sense. Use QR codes wherever they seem appropriate – but make sure that they’re scannable, work…

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Dear Nokia…

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Nokia’s marketing team are idiots. They’ve used URL over which they have no control on an advert for one of their premium handsets. This is the story of how I hijacked stole hacked recycled it and, in doing so, prevented Nokia from having a serious PR problem. E7 Poster This is advert for the new…

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Sky's QR Code Campaign

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Congratulations to rawedge for this QR campaign for Sky Atlantic. A simple QR code, pointing to a URL (with source=qr for analytics), a mobile website, and a 3gp video. Almost perfect. Why Almost? I’m a nit-picker – but here are a few suggestions to make the campaign better. Make the code bigger. When dealing with…

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HTC Wildfire (Sponsored Post)

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(eBuzzing have sponsored this post. Please let me know what you think about sponsored articles on this blog.) Android phones are now big business – even Woz seems to think they’ll take over the world. Into the crowded arena steps the HTC Wildfire. I’m a huge fan of the HTC hardware – but I often…

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Mobile Badvertising – BarCap

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Ahhhh! The BBC. Shining bastion of purity in a sea of commercial malaise. Nothing can spoil its lustre. Well, for those of us in the UK. For the poor sods who find themselves living in the wilderness of ROW (Rest Of World) this is their BBC experience… The reasons for me seeing this are rather…

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Mobile Badvertising – Flickr & iPhone

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Once again, I dive into the confusing world of Mobile Internet Advertising. A world, so we’re told, where the streets are paved with gold. Based on the evidence I’ve accumulated, mobile advertising is subject to a lot of hype and not a lot of professionalism. Take this example as seen on my BlackBerry 9000. Flickr…

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