My theory on why advertising is so terrible

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Can of Spam. From

I accidentally watched a TV advert the other day. A woman was on a Zoom call with friends. Her blurred background failed and revealed her ugly kitchen. Her friends all laughed at her. So she went along to AMAZING KITCHENS DIRECT 2 U and got a brand new kitchen. Now her friends are embarrassed about…

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Book Review: Good Data by Sam Gilbert

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Book cover of overlapping circles.

This is a Bad Book. It is probably the most profoundly disturbing book I've read about the misuse of personal data. Not because it exposes the horrors of algorithmic harassment and discrimination, but because it joyfully revels in them. The book's central thesis is that slurping up personal data, without explicit permission, and using that…

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Let's Disrupt TV Advertising!

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An old fashioned CRT TV. It is blank.

Matt Webb has a whimsical blog about buying unused TV advertising space. There are a bunch of shows on streaming services which have ad-breaks unfilled. Mostly, I assume, because everyone hates adverts and no one can afford to buy anything right now. Matt proposes that he hyper-targets his friends and family with fun little messages.…

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Crypto Scammers Abusing Twitter Cards via Redirects

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A spam advert on Twitter. The CNBC website is highlighted at the bottom.

Twitter has a problem with scam advertising. Rather than having humans manually check adverts for acceptability and authenticity, they let almost anyone promote anything. Whatever meagre protections they build in are rapidly evaded by the scammers. Let's take a look at an example of a promoted crypto-scam about Singapore. I'd say it was obviously a…

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The Uncanny Valley of Consent - when advertising gets creepy

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Music streaming service Spotify has launched a new range of adverts which have gathered mixed reactions. On the surface, they seem like the usual bland corporate attempts at chumming down - trying to cynically pass off advertising as friendship. It's kinda funny, right? At least a funny way to display the privacy we're allowing companies…

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Virgin Wines Misleading Adverts

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Welcome to another edition of "Middle Class Whinging!" The exciting blog where I chronicle disappointing experiences with admired brands. Virgin Wines loudly and repeatedly promise "next day delivery" on their wine cases. What they don't tell you is that this excludes orders made on Friday. And Saturday. And Sunday too. Basically, they only consider an…

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You Can't Buy Your Way Into Social Media

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I've been taking a look at how big brands try to buy their way in to social spaces online. I'm not talking about ephemeral advertising on the side of the screen, I mean "sponsored posts". It strikes me that large companies simply don't realise that buying your way into a conversation is an admission of…

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Why Do Companies Still Use Microsoft Windows For Displays?

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As I was exiting Oxford Railway Station, I glanced at this screen showing the bus departure times. Notice anything odd about it? *sigh* Yet again someone has shoehorned Microsoft Windows into a product it is completely unsuitable for. Why does a screen which displays a fairly basic set of information need to be running on…

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How Not To Run An Interactive Advertising Campaign #TAP4offers

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Various NFC icons.

Public transport is a great way to assess the Zeitgeist. Watching commuters transition from iPhones to Samsungs, and from paper books to Kindles, really gives one a sense of how the world is changing. Advertising is also a great way to measure society; seeing lots of adverts for dodgy loan companies can give you an…

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No One Must Know This Is A Sponsored Post

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Media Discovery (New Web Ltd) is encouraging blogs to run paid for advertorials, without disclosing to their readership that the content is an advert. This appears to be in breach of the advertising industry's code of practice. Anyone who has ever run a blog is probably familiar with these sorts of email - I get…

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