Hello Kindle – Goodbye Elonex?

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So, the Kindle finally launches in the UK. This blog has become something of a Mecca for users of the Elonex 511EB. The comments on my reviews run in to the hundreds, I get thousands of page views a month on them, I regularly answer private emails about the device. So, why am I abandoning…

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Review: Jabra Clipper

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Those delightful coves at Jabra and Wildfire PR have kindly sent me a Jabra Clipper review unit.  Could this be the BlueTooth headset to replace my beloved Jabra BT3030 which had an unfortunate encounter with a washing machine last week? How does it stack up against my wishlist?

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Digital Economy Act – #DEAPPG

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In which the BPI threaten to sue me. Last night I was fortunate enough to find myself addressing the All-Party Parliamentary Group on the Digital Economy Act.  Eric Joyce MP managed to bring together a diverse group of people from all sides of the debate for a (mostly) civil discussion on the Act, its limitations,…

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Making DynamicWP's Simple White Theme XHTML Compliant

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This blog is proud to be XHTML 1.0 Strict Compliant.  Just like it is polite to use correct spelling and grammar for human readers, I believe that correct markup is “polite” for rendering engines. I’ve recently started using DynamicWP‘s Simple White Theme.  The theme is excellent, but generated around 60 validation errors.  Luckily these were…

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Split Personalities of Windows Phone 7

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I’ve just come back from a chat with Paul Foster of Microsoft. We were discussing Windows Phone 7 – its promises and its problems. I remain convinced that Windows Phone 7 (WP7) will be a hit. There are so many delightful touches in the operating system that I won’t be surprised if it is ripped…

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EXCLUSIVE! Nokia Phones *WILL* Have Android!

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Sauntering down Oxford Street, Mauricio Reyes spotted Nokia’s secret Android plans. Is this just a hapless Photoshop mistake – or a sign of things to come?!?!?!?!

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Looking for a new BlueTooth Headset

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It turns out that my washing machine is incompatible with my BlueTooth headset. What was once my favourite little gizmo – resplendent with blinking lights – is now little more than scrap metal. Arse. The Jabra BT3030 was, without a doubt, the best BlueTooth headset I ever had. There were regular firmware updates for it.…

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Scientology is stupid – but so is John Dixon

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For those who don’t follow the hive-mind on Twitter, there has been a run in with Scientology trying to stifle free speech. Or, as I think, not. Here are the brief facts of the case. A local councillor (John Dixon) has a Twitter account “CllrJohnDixon” Last year, he tweeted: “I didn’t know the Scientologists had…

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Share Android Apps on Twitter (or anywhere else)

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I attended the Mobile Monday meeting “200,000 Apps – Where’s Mine” last night. One thing that became clear is that apps don’t do a very good job of promoting themselves. One crippling problems with most app stores is that there’s no (easy) way to share an app with a friend. Here’s some basic code for…

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Hate Microsoft – Love Windows Phone 7?

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I’m not the biggest fan of Microsoft. Both my original Xboxes now run Linux, I’ve converted my laptop and computers to Ubuntu, and I generally laugh in the face of Microsoft’s increasingly desperate attempts to stay relevant. So it was with great mirth that I went along to a BizSpark event a few weeks ago.…

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