Do Newspapers Get The Web?

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Recently I was featured in two prominent online newspapers. The Times published a short story I wrote for The Times Cheltenham Twitter Competition. The Guardian wrote about my experiences with energy monitors. What struck me was the very different ways that these "Old Media" approached the "New Media" of the web. I'll state my biases…

Embedding Mobile YouTube in Dabr / Twitter

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I've decided to add a preview of YouTube videos into Dabr, the mobile Twitter service. The code is fairly simple - although I still suck at regular expressions. if (preg_match_all('[_-dw]+)#', $tmp, $matches, PREG_PATTERN_ORDER) > 0) { foreach ($matches[1] as $match) { $images[] = theme('external_link', "{$match}", "<img src='{$match}/1.jpg' class='twitpic' />"); } } Here's how it looks. …

Saving Money - Switching Tarrifs

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As part of my ongoing quest to save energy and save money, I decided to look into changing energy suppliers. Eon were doing a special offer in their Energy Shop for a free PowerDown Plug worth about £15.  Here's the unboxing.

Humm Duet - Speedometer

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I'll go through all the features of the Humm Duet Energy Monitor as I figure them out, but there's one that I'd like to highlight because it's a perfect example of usability and how a little improvement can go a long way. The left half of the Duet is concerned with electricity. I want to…

Humm Energy Monitor Set Up – Part 3 – Data

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My Humm Energy monitor is now fully set up.  It's been churning away gently admonishing me for going over my kWh allowance for the day. As I mentioned in the unboxing - there's an integrated 2GB SD card for the Duet to record the energy usage.  As the trial progresses, I should be able to…

Review: Opera Mini 5 Beta - BlackBerry

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(Disclaimer, I work for Vodafone Group who do a lot of work with Opera. These are my personal views.) The regular BlackBerry browser is... how can I put this politely... sub-optimal. For reading mobile-friendly sites it's perfectly adequate - but for anything more complex it tends to choke. Don't get me wrong, it's "good enough"…

Humm Energy Monitor Set Up – Part 2 - Gas

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After setting up the HummEnergy Duet electricity monitor yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy the gas monitor was to set up. Pairing the device was easy and the manual was very clear as to which pipes need to be monitored. A velcro strap makes it really easy to attach the wires to the…

Humm Energy Monitor Set Up - Part 1

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After seeing a talk at BarCampBrighton on home energy monitoring, I was determined to try it out for myself.  I got the Duet from HummEnergy. At £50 it's very competitive to other units in the marketplace - although that is the trial price.  It's important to note, this isn't a "SmartMeter".  It doesn't replace your…

Unboxing Videos - Humm Duet Energy Monitor

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Green Energy Options have sent me the Duet home energy monitor. The Duet offers a secondary display that is attached to the Solo display and provides the monitoring of up to 6 appliances and central heating. It also provides the ability to compare the energy usage of the appliances and heating over time. In addition…

BarCampBrighton4 and High Def Video

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Another weekend, another BarCamp.  This time the Fourth Annual BarCampBrighton. The BarCamp was excellent.  A great bunch of people.  The venue was beautiful, but the lack of walls (and floorboards!) meant that sound bleed was a problem. The problem I have with BarCamps is there are invariably two or three talks which I really want…