Doctor Who and Mobile Phones

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It shouldn't come as a surprise to any reader of this blog that I'm a phone geek. And a Doctor Who geek.  So, image my utter nerdgasm when we got to see the 11th Doctor using a mobile he'd nicked.  The burning question is which phone?



It's quite hard to see throughout the episode. It just looks like a standard touchscreen device in a rubber casing.  I had wondered if the props team had created a dummy phone to be used.

What Phone?

What Phone?

Annoyingly, the phone is almost always out of focus.

Except for this shot.

BlackBerry Storm

BlackBerry Storm

Aha! That's the BlackBerry Operating System.  That means it can only be a BlackBerry Storm or Storm2!

The Storm2 doesn't have separate buttons on the screen - so this must be an original Storm.  The BBC have taken the logo button off the front to prevent accusations of bias or commercial influence, no doubt.

As an aside, look how the Doctor sends the photos - MMS!



Better hope those aliens don't have iPhones!

5 thoughts on “Doctor Who and Mobile Phones

  1. Alwyn de Bruijn says:

    Turning to a phone geek for help. The doctor is using a blackberry no doubt. On the bbc website site they have released a "wanted" poster of Prisoner Zero with a Blackberry messenger barcode on the right top hand corner. However my Storm isn't able to read it yet. You heard/saw anything?

    1. Actually, it's a QR code. Can be read by most modern phones. Check for links to readers which should work on your 'Berry.

  2. jastrul says:

    what does the qr code actually come up with cos i'm poor 🙁

    1. Hi Jastrul,
      There's a full explanation of the code on my next blog post -

  3. The iPhone got a firmware upgrade that added MMS support yonks ago.

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