Moo Cards with QR Codes

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QR Moo Cards

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Moo Cards seem to be the darling of the UK tech scene. Cute business cards which you can personalise with whatever you like. Some people are boring and use company logos, others dump their best flickr images on there.

Me? I’m all about phones and QR codes, so…..


  • Find some free templates or stock photos of phones you want to use.  I’ve used a Nokia 6680, two generic phones (roaylty free from Clker) and a Nexus One (from Mike Clarke).  Choose phones which are relevant to your industry.
  • Make the images the correct size.  Mine are 873 * 378px at 300dpi.  The more detail in your images, the better they’ll look.
  • QR codes need to be readable – make sure there’s plenty of white space around them.
  • The data in the QR code should be simple – the shorter the better.  The less information there is, the simpler the code will be, and the quicker it will scan.  Mine points to

Feel free to use the above as a template – don’t forget to add your own QR code, not mine!  You can use my free QR generator.

2 thoughts on “Moo Cards with QR Codes

  1. Carder says:

    You can also create QR Codes at Unlike other generators, there is a drop down menu to adjust the size of it. It has links in the footer to

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