QRpedia and Joan Miró

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The Joan Miró exhibition in has just gone live with QRpedia codes! This project has been the brain-child of Àlex Hinojo - the Wikipedian-in-Residence at the Museu Picasso. He first mentioned it to us in May and we've worked hard to deal with the challenges of the Catalan language. Congrats to Àlex and the whole…

QRpedia at Over The Air 11 - Ignite

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Here's the Ignite Talk I gave at #OTA11 last month. QRpedia - Ignite talk at OTA11 from Terence Eden

QR and TfL Countdown

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There are Nineteen thousand, five hundred bus stops in London! Each one of them is (eventually) going to be upgraded with a new real time bus countdown signs. If you've got an Internet capable phone, you can get real time information for your bus at http://m.countdown.tfl.gov.uk/. The service has a number of cool features, including…

Coding For Kids - Android

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Last night I went to the Coding For Kids Barcamp. This event, organised by Emma Mulqueeny, was designed to bring together geeks, parents, kids, and educators to see if we can improve the woeful state of computer science education in this country. This is the blog version of the discussion I lead.

QR codes - Bigger Doesn't Always Mean Better

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As regular readers know, I'm a big fan of QR codes. I often castigate advertisers for poor usage, bad placement, and inaccessibility. I can just imagine how the conversation at the offices of Success Appointments went... "Dave, we need a QR code on our advert!" "Righto, Fred!" "It'll be on the tube, so it has…

QRpedia - Dealing With Minority Languages

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Humans have devised hundreds of thousands of languages with which to express themselves. Some, like Cornish are on the verge of extinction. Others, like Catalan and Welsh, are only used by a small number of speakers. Some, like New Norse, are created for political purposes. All these languages are valuable and hugely important to their…

QRpedia In The News

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As I stepped onto the stage at OverTheAir 11 to present QRpedia, I was buoyed by the overwhelming reception that it received on the Interwebs over the last few days. Here's a quick roundup. It all started with a blog post on Wikimedia. ReadWriteWeb called QRpedia Probably the Coolest QR Thingy Ever Made! This was…