Twitter API - pagination and IDs

The Twitter logo.

Looking for some Twitter API help.  Bit of a geeky post, this... Pagination is the act of splitting data into logical  pages. Suppose I had a list of item, numbered 0 - 99.  If I want 20 items per page, it's trivial to see that pagination looks like: p1 = 0-19 p2 = 20-40 p3 […]

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Mobile Badvertising - Guardian, Barclay's, Apple Redux

Once again my wrath is targeted at The Guardian, Barclays and Apple. Three massive companies - each one of whom could have stopped this advertising disaster. Mistake #1 Take a look at this rather charming advert on the Guardian's mobile site. The more astute among you will recognise the problem. I'm being advertised an iPhone […]

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Orange Mobile Badvertising

It has been a while since I last posted in the Mobile Badvertising section. Mobile adverts are slowly improving. By every once in a while, I spot an advert of such mind numbing ineptitude that I am compelled to post. Orange Take a look at the latest offering from Orange - a large UK mobile […]

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