The Problem With RFID

RFID is like cold fusion. It will revolutionise everything - and it's only five years away! Terence Eden And, much like cold fusion, NFC will permantently be just around the corner. It's been "The Year of NFC" since 2008. Just like it was in 2009 and in 2010. Today the news came that Google may […]

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Review: Verso Arc Light for Kindle - from LightWedge

As you may have guessed from previous posts, I love my Kindle. I often read late into the night, which either means keeping a light on and annoying my wife - or using a book light. Normally, I'd be happy just annoying her - but I can't resist the allure of buying new technology! I […]

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The Death Of The BlackBerry

For years I was a BlackBerry fanboy. I remember snatching a departing colleague's 6710 and lying to the IT department that I was authorised to have my email on my phone. I never looked back. Despite a brief flirtation with the Nokia N95 - I was a BlackBerry Boy through and through. Until this happened. […]

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Dabr, Dabr, Everywhere...

I contribute code to Dabr - a mobile twitter client. It's a great project to keep my hand in the world of PHP, APIs, SVN, and all the other tools that are essential to the modern online world. Dabr's strength for developers is two-fold Dead easy to install. Unzip the files, fill in your API […]

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London Web Standards - State of the Browser

Photo of me holding a microphone. I'm wearing a T-Shirt with the HTML5 logo on it.

Here's the introduction I gave to London Web Standards for their State of the Browser conference. Slideshare seem to have screwed up some of the formatting, but here are the slides. State of the Browser - London Web Standards from Terence Eden Full details of the day on Lanyrd. Thanks to Nick and the rest […]

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Back to BlackBerry

Photo of me taking a photo of my BlackBerry. My face is reflected in the screen.

This is a Necropost - rescued from AudioBoo and transcribed by AI because I'm lazy. Hello there, AudioBoo. I'm just in the middle of another grand phone experiment. I'm moving back to BlackBerry. Yes, after about a year, year and a half of being an Android Boy, it's time to go back to BlackBerry. So […]

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Getting Images from a Foursquare Checkin

Photo of a MacBook. The decal sticker is of Iron Man. His hand blaster is replaced with the Apple logo.

"Oi!" shouted Whatleydude, "Get Dabr to show images from foursquare checkins!" "Righty-ho sir!" I said. I started coding furiously. Of course, things are never quite as simple as I first thought.... So, how do we go from to 1 Expand the URL Get your API Key. ?shortUrl= &login=YOUR_BIT_LY_USERNAME &apiKey=YOUR_BIT_LY_API_KEY &format=txt You can, […]

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Stop Smoking With A QR Code?

It looks like the Government is to force cigarettes to be sold in plain packaging. QR codes on packets of coffin nails have appeared before as concept advertising. I thought it would be interesting to see if QR codes could be used for good. Here's my attempt (I'm not a graphics designer!) Original image via […]

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How Do You Upgrade An eBook?

As I've mentioned before, Jasper Fforde is one of my favourite authors. His latest book "One of Our Thursdays is Missing" is a brilliant work of fiction - but contains a rather worrying flaw. Well, I say a "worrying flaw" - I mean an error. All books contain errata - I think that's a given […]

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Remote Storage: Ubuntu One vs Dropbox

Logo for Ubuntu One.

I've been looking for a way to manage my backups. Burning DVDs and then leaving them around the house doesn't strike me as a sensible way to preserve my data any more. I just want a simple way to thrust my files onto the cloud with the minimum of fuss. The two big contenders I […]

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