Smartphone Mutually Assured Destruction.

When giants fight, it is the grass which suffers. As the never ending patent wars between the the titans of the mobile industry rumble on, one thing is becoming clear. The technology world is stepping into an abyss from which even the mightiest empires shied away from. It is said that the only thing which […] Read More

The Social Pendulum

Only fools make predictions. So here are my predictions on the future of social media. In the original days of computing, every user had their own computer. Well, Turing had his own computer... Then, everyone had to timeshare on a massive mainframe. Later, every user had their own computer. Now, we're back to mainframes. Sure, […] Read More

Are Call Centre Workers Human?

You may not have read the book Are Women Human?" Don't worry - neither have I. But the book sits on my shelf staring maliciously at me. The précis is simple: "Human Rights" prevent slavery, promote equal treatment, etc. Women are sold into slavery, are discriminated against, etc. Therefore, women aren't human. I'm a reformed […] Read More


Two years ago, a bunch of smart people told the BBC that its plans to build iPlayer for Android on Adobe Flash was nuts. We argued loudly, passionately, deployed logic and reason, and provided specific technical details. Naturally, we were ignored. Sure, Flash was only on a few high end devices now, but the BBC […] Read More

The Hirsute Pursuit

I've never been good at growing facial hair. When I was at university, I tried growing a beard for a play I was in. The play was a resounding success - my beard was not. Thin, straggly, patchy, and itchy. At the aftershow party, I put the beard's fate to a vote. All the men […] Read More

The Engagement Economy

I was recently interviewed in The Guardian talking about the use of mobile phone in cultural institutions - museums, libraries, galleries, etc. I was talking about the QRpedia project I co-founded. During the course of the interview, a phrase fluttered into my head - "The Engagement Economy." It wasn't a phrase I'd heard before - […] Read More