Lufthansa - 2D Barcode Boarding Passes

Yesterday, I was a little pissed off with Lufthansa. How hard is it to supply a vegetarian meal on a plane? Anyway, today they have totally redeemed themselves.

I love online check-in because it means that I don't have to faff around at the airport, I can choose my own seat, it reduces queueing and, because I usually only travel with hand luggage, keeps everything running quickly.

What I don't like is having to print off a boarding pass. I'm either nowhere near a printer or I find myself losing the pass in amongst all the other bits of paper I carry. Then, when I get to the airport, the pass is scanned and thrown away! What a waste!

Lufthansa now offer a really good solution to the problem. As part of online check in, you can given them your phone number. They then send you a text like this...

Screenshot of a text message. It has my flight number, date, seat, and a link to a mobile boarding pass.

Clicking on the link takes you to a 2D barcode and your flight information. Like this.

Screenshot of a mobile web page. There is a large 2D barcode at the top, followed by all my flight information.

I've just used the pass to get through security without any problems (I'm blogging from the airport) and I'll update if they let me on the flight 🙂

This is such a smart solution. Imagine all the millions of tickets that get lost every day. I'm much less likely to lose track of my phone - and if I do, I can always get a paper ticket reissued. True, my battery could run out - but it's no more of a risk than spilling a drink over my paper pass.

Hopefully other airlines will start taking this up.

Oh, don't forget to visit Lufthansa's mobile site; they have loads of information and a selection of free ringtones and wallpapers.

You can try Lufthansa's Mobile Boarding Pass with their demo page.

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One thought on “Lufthansa - 2D Barcode Boarding Passes”

  1. says:

    Both Finnair and SAS offer check-in via SMS.

    For Finnair, this is an SMS approx two hours before the flight with your seat reservation and all you need to do is respond by sending "A".
    You then get another SMS which is your "boarding card". At the gate the staff check your passport and type your name into the computer, for a real "e-ticket" experience.

    No complex downloading, just simple SMS


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