You Are Too Stupid To Use QR Codes Correctly

In one of my previous "day jobs" I used to deal with bug reports for a major application. While there was the odd genuine problem or poorly designed bit of UI, the majority of the "bugs" were PEBCAK - aka people so unbelievably dense they couldn't work out that print button does nothing if you […] Read More

Charity QR Codes - A Missed Opportunity?

QR codes are an awesome free resource for charities. Sadly, they are often misused. Charities can use them to drive SMS donations - here's a quick example of how this works. Sightsavers Sightsavers is an incredible charity, working hard to combat blindness in developing countries. I'm picking on them only because their poster caught my […] Read More

A (Minor) Twitter Privacy Bug?

Quick Summary Twitter's secure API hides the contents of the tweets you are reading. But it doesn't hide the images of those you converse with. Raised as Issue 2175. A Bit More Detail Twitter has a secure (HTTPS) and insecure (HTTP) API. When calling the secure API, all the content of the returned message (tweets) […] Read More

Are QR Codes Effective for Advertisers?

I recently read Andrew Grill's post about being a QR Code Sceptic. I agree with some of his points about crap QR code adverts - I've blogged about many of them - but I believe the fundamental business case for QR codes is still strong. Many people on the blog and on Twitter have asked […] Read More