iTunes - Why The Sad Face?

After much faffing about - with a lot of help from Jon Price - I've finally got the damned iPhone working with iTunes. But what a pain in the arse. How this is the SAVIOUR OF THE MOBILE PHONE INDUSTRY is quite beyond me. First up, yet another EULA.I think that's the third one that […] Read More

BitchBuzz Reply

This is my reply to an excellent BitchBuzz article on high profile brands on twitter. I reproduced it here because their comments form ate my HTML... ~~~ Thanks for the plug. Just to make it clear, my twitter presence is my own and not an official Vodafone channel. That said, I'm always happy to answer […] Read More

MPs' Expenses - Humfrey Malins

During the recent furore over MPs attempting to hide their expenses, I wrote to my MP using the wonderful services of Dear Humfrey Malins, I understand that MPs plan to grant themselves the privilege of exempting themselves from Freedom of Information requests concerning their expenses. Whenever I have a business expense, my employer asks […] Read More