Sky's QR Code Campaign

Congratulations to rawedge for this QR campaign for Sky Atlantic.
Sky Atlantic Newspaper Advert
A simple QR code, pointing to a URL (with source=qr for analytics), a mobile website, and a 3gp video.
Sky HD Mobile site
Almost perfect.

Why Almost?

I'm a nit-picker - but here are a few suggestions to make the campaign better.

  • Make the code bigger. When dealing with newsprint and its fuzzy images, it's always better to make the QR as large as possible - or as large as your advertising team will allows. Larger images are easier to scan.
  • Sky QR Detail
  • A little more whitespace around the code would improve its readability.
  • The text instructions are great - either SMS or type the URL in directly - but the text is fuzzy and indistinct.
  • The video is presented in 4:3 aspect ratio.
  • Sky Atlantic Trailer Video
  • I appreciate that you don't want people watching a stuttering 720p video over EDGE - but I feel that making the video widescreen to suit the majority of phones would have made the video more impressive. As it is, 240 x 192 the image looks a little blurred which perhaps isn't the best advert for HD.
  • Finally, I noticed the campaign appearing in other papers.
  • A QR code in today's Times Newspaper advertising the new... on Twitpic
  • As far as I can see, it's the same code. It would be a good idea to use a different code in each paper so you can see if, for example, Times readers are more likely to scan than Metro readers.

As I said - very minor complaints. Overall, an impressive use of QR codes from Sky. Well done to those involved.

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