Twitter Hashtags and QR Codes

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I spotted this poster today, encouraging people to search for the Twitter hashtag "#Transformers". Wouldn't it make sense to use a QR code as well? That way people could quickly scan, and be taken straight to the discussion, rather than have to fire up Twitter and do a manual search. As it happens, it's slightly…

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Dabr Helps Ai Weiwei!

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I've written before about Dabr, the Twitter client I code for. Dabr helps people around the world and is used by some of Twitter's most influential users. Today, I am pleased to announce that Chinese artist, political prisoner, and sower of porcelain sunflower seed, Ai Weiwei uses dabr! On last night's Newsnight, as part of…

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Does Your Employer Own Your Twitter Account?

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What happens to your social media profile when you change jobs? Recently, the BBC's Laura Kunessberg announced she was heading off to ITV. As you've discovered I will become @ITVLauraK in September! Thanks for all the lovely tweets - Back in Westminster tomorrow — Laura Kuenssberg (@bbclaurak) June 22, 2011 Which got me wondering. Why…

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How Long Does It Take To Fix an eBook?

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Four months ago, I wrote to Waterstones about an error in an eBook I purchased from them. I've finally received a reply... Dear Terence, Some time ago you contacted us regarding the following eBook title, "One of Our Thursdays is Missing (eBook): Thursday Next Series, Book 6" (ISBN: 9781444713039). We have had our eBook supplier…

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Review: Evoluent Vertical Mouse 4 (and how to make it work in Ubuntu)

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New! Read my 2018 guide to setting up the Evoluent in Linux The Evoluent Vertical Mouse 4 costs close to £100. Let's get that out of the way. This is a pretty expensive mouse. Considering they give away basic USB mice with cornflakes, why would anyone spend the cost of a Kindle on a pointing…

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QR Business Cards and

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An edited version of this paid-for post appeared at on the 7th of June QR codes are awesome! I mean, you may think your moo mini-cards are pretty funky - but they're nothing without a QR code. Why do you hand your card over to someone? You want the recipient to plug your contact…

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Displaying Twitter Photos via Entities

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Twitter has announced that it will soon open up a native photo sharing service. Rather than using an external service like to retrieve thumbnails, all the data is embedded within Twitter Entities. So, if you request a status using "include_entities=true", you will be able to grab the image and display the thumbnail using the…

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OK, you *are* too stupid to use QR codes

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Earlier this week, I blogged that some people were too stupid to use QR codes. I concluded, by saying You’re not too stupid to understand how to make effective use of QR codes. The “commandments” are mostly just common sense. Use QR codes wherever they seem appropriate – but make sure that they’re scannable, work…

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