MS Tags vs QR Codes

I don't want this to be seen as an anti-Microsoft rant. I'm a great fan of Windows Phone 7, my Microsoft 4000 keyboard is the only device I'm comfortable typing on, and my Xbox hardware is still going strong years after release. I'm also heartily impressed with Microsoft's continuing support of the Creative Commons. True, […] Read More

Show Film First

I'm a big fan Show Film First. A company which aims to get people to preview screenings of films - for free. There's also a confusingly similarly named company called See Film First with broadly similar aims. I'm not sure what, if any, relationship the two have. Show Film First concentrate mainly on bloggers - […] Read More

My Goals for the Next Two Years

I'm dreadful at setting goals. Personally and professionally, I drift to whatever takes my fancy. Planning what I want to have for dinner in the evening is an unfathomable prospect. I can't comprehend how friends can have calendars showing every meal for the week in advance. To me, that's a crazy, OCD-esque level of organisation. […] Read More

Voynich Manuscript for Kindle and other eBook Readers

For years I've been mildly obsessed with the Voynich Manuscript. An ancient book, written in a language no one can decipher, showing plants which don't exist, and measuring astronomical configurations which make no sense. The book is an enigma. Many think it to be an elaborate hoax - others have more.... esoteric explanations. Regardless of […] Read More

Eastpak QR Campaign on the Tube

Spotted all over the London Underground in the last few days, these QR enabled adverts from Eastpak for their I Am The Bag campaign. Close Up of the QR Code YouTube Video The code immediately directs the user to YouTube to watch a video. Two Ways To Make The Campaign Better Use a smaller URL […] Read More

Geek of the Year

I am incredibly gratified to be in the running for Geek of the Year 2010. Thanks to The 405 for picking me as one of their favourites. You can check out the other entrants on Facebook - don't worry, you don't have to vote for me! You can also find GeekOfTheYearUK on Twitter.

Lacoste QR Campaign

Nick Burcher has done a great job detailing Lacoste's new QR code campaign. Being the curmudgeon that I am, I want to point out a couple of rather glaring flaws in its execution. Contrast See if you can scan in the code on this image. The image links to Nick's site if you want the […] Read More

An Android Super Computer?

I caught an interesting snippet over the weekend. With the latest Top 500 Super Computer list published, there has been lots of talk about whether Linpack is the best way to measure how powerful computers really are. This prompted Steve Wallach to say... "we could get 100,000 [Android phones], hooked up together, and we would […] Read More

Vegetarian Caviar

I love being vegetarian. Don't get me wrong, there are some annoying aspects of having a restricted diet - but mostly it's plain sailing. I also love visiting food fairs - but recently it has felt like I've seen every vegetarian product under the sun. There doesn't seem to be much more innovation in veggie […] Read More