Another Google Privacy Flaw - Calendar Unexpectedly Leaks Private Information (Disclosed)

My wife likes to set reminders for herself in Google Calendar. Recently, she added a note to her personal Google Calendar reading "Email [email protected] to discuss pay rise" and set the date for a few months from now. She'd had a discussion with her boss, Alice, and they'd agreed to talk about salary later in […] Read More

Billions of Tweets

Numbers matter to some people. It's sometimes not important who did something first - but rather who did things on "milestone" numbers. Here are the billionth messages posted on Twitter. 1,000,000,000 「ほのちゃんに歯が生えた」のほのかちゃんがもう19歳て!あれから19年! — annchan (@annchan2) November 11, 2008 Although Ann is still on Twitter, the website they pointed to is long since gone. 2,000,000,000 Marvin […] Read More

Let's get the IEC Power Symbol into Unicode

I've just launched a campaign to get the IEC Power Symbol into Unicode! A couple of months ago, I asked this question on HackerNews I was looking for the electrical "standby" symbol - AKA IEC5009 / IEEE1621. You know, the circle with the line through it. The one that's on every single bloody piece of […] Read More

Malicious Use of the HTML5 Vibrate API

There is a new API in town! HTML5 will (soon) let you make the user's device vibrate. What fun! Obviously, it's useful for triggering alerts, improved immersivness during gameplay, and all sorts of other fun things like sending Morse Code messages via vibration. At the moment, Chrome (and other Android browsers) ask for permission before […] Read More

The Hardest Problem In Encryption? Usability.

I have been reading a wonderful account of how The ANC in South Africa developed and used encryption to avoid persecution by the Apartheid regime. The article is a good 15,000 words and will take you some time to read. It is a fascinating account of how an ersatz encryption technology was developed by enthusiastic […] Read More

UI For Drunks

In app design, we often talk about designing for the user in context. For example, a taxi app can't rely on a perfect GPS signal in a crowded city, a user in the countryside may not have brilliant bandwidth, battery life is not infinite so we should limit certain features when power levels are low. […] Read More

Poor IDN Support From Major Webmail Providers

As I mentioned in a previous post, I'm sick of people not being able to spell or pronounce correctly. So I've decided to double down and start using my alternate domain 莎士比亚.org. It's pronounced "Sha-shi-bi-ya", if that helps. Getting my email account set up with my hosting provider was easy enough but it turned […] Read More

Reverse Stereo on HP Premium Headsets

I've started talking a lot more over VoIP. The microphone on my MacBook Air is basic, but serviceable - so I thought I'd treat myself to a new mic headset. I went with the HP Premium Digital Headset from Amazon. The headset is USB - and worked instantly with Ubuntu Linux: It even has a […] Read More