Jimmy Wales ♥ QRpedia

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You know Jimmy Wales, right? He’s the guy co-founded Wikipedia – and, possibly, its most prominent face. So, a few days ago, he popped down to The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis to see the work the museum is doing with its Wikipedian in Residence – Lori Philips. What else did he do while he was…

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Social Media Camp London 2008 – #smclondon08

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((Work In Progress – still need to add pics, videos and links))Yesterday, myself and a few hundred other bloggers, geeks, marketing droids and other social media maverns descended on Wallacepace St Pancras for the inaugural Social Media Camp London 2008. This is just a quick post to say what I did, what I liked and…

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Lufthansa – 2D Barcode Boarding Passes

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Yesterday, I was a little pissed off with Lufthansa. How hard is it to supply a vegetarian meal on a plane? Anyway, today they have totally redeemed themselves. I love online check-in because it means that I don’t have to faff around at the airport, I can choose my own seat, it reduces queueing and,…

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