How much money I've spent on mobile calls / text / data in the last year

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The Doctor holding Ryan's phone.

A couple of months into the pandemic, I realised that I was vastly overpaying for my mobile usage. I was paying £10/month for unlimited calls, texts, and 8GB data. That's a pretty reasonable price, but I was sat at home all day on WiFi - so I had no need for data. I don't send…

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Why spam calls come from similar numbers to your phone number

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Can of Spam. From

In the last few months, I've received dozens of spam calls which appear to come from a similar phone number to mine. If my number is 07700 900 123 I get calls from 07700 900 124 or 07700 900 456 Here's my working theory on why spammers do this. Americans. In the UK, there's a…

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Mobile data is getting too cheap to meter - free bandwidth is here

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List of price plans. Free for 250MB, £1 for 500MB, £6 for a GB.

A few months ago, I wrote about how data is so cheap it is being given away. Mobile network Three were offering £10 data SIMs which came with 200MB of zero-cost data. Recently, I've found another free provider of data, with an intriguing price-plan. RWG Mobile are a Welsh MVNO who use EE as their…

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My solution to spam calls

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The Amazon Polly config screen.

Like most of you, I'm inundated with spam calls. So I have a new solution. When an unknown number calls me, they get routed to this audio file. This was created with Amazon Polly which is free for casual use. I was pretty impressed with the voice quality. Although there are limits to how well…

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Using SipGate to set up a BANANAPHONE!

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A developer console.

Like many of you, I'm inundated with spam calls. I've suffered endless car accidents, my National Insurance Number has been suspended multiple times, and my broadband will be cut off imminently. Wouldn't be nice to screen out all the fraudsters? So I've set up a Bananaphone. When people ring me, they get 30 seconds of…

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How much does it cost to call an 056 number in the UK?

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Old BBC News website. Net calls get their own area code Blue police lamp, BBC Fixed phone firms must give access to emergency numbers In the UK, the telephone area code for cyberspace will be 056. Government regulator Ofcom has picked the prefix for customers who sign up to make calls via the internet. Users can also opt for geographic numbers. The decision on numbers comes as Ofcom reveals how it plans to regulate services that use the net rather than the old fashioned telephone network.

Here's a little telephony mystery for you - can you find out how much your phone provider charges for 056 calls? (Skip the background and jump to the survey) Background Way back in the mists of time - 2004 - Ofcom decreed that "Voice over Broadband" was going to be the next big thing. VoB…

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Cell Broadcast Emergency Alerts being tested in the UK

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Pop up which says "This is a test message. This is an O2 Test Message to test Cell Broadcast. No action required. In future, alerts like this one may be used to warn you about a danger to life in the local area.

I have only been on the periphery of this project - back from when I worked at a Mobile Operator - so it's incredibly exciting for me to see this come to life. This morning, my phone picked up an Emergency Alert test from the Cell Broadcast system. I had to specifically opt-in to receive…

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Ten Years Later - Was Elop Right?

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A Windows 7 phone.

A decade ago, Stephen Elop made the announcement that Nokia was adopting Windows Phone 7 as its platform of choice. Being the mobile nerd that I was, I live Tweeted the press conference. Right, where can I watch thus #Nokia press conference? Is there a mobile friendly live stream? — Terence Eden (@edent) February 11,…

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Data is so cheap it is being given away

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Advert for 200MB of free data.

When I first started in the mobile industry, 3G had just launched. It was slow and expensive. Nowadays it is fast and free. UK Network Three are giving away free SIMs which comes with 200MB per month of free data. Visit to register. My SIM was delivered a few days later. Update - the…

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Giving up on phone contracts

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Table showing my mobile usage. 5 minutes, 4 texts, 1 MB.

Another weird economic casualty of COVID19. I'm not wearing out my socks and shoes. I cancelled my train season ticket. And now, I'm giving up my mobile contract. For a decade, I worked in the mobile industry - and always had an unlimited SIM card. Rejoining the real world, some years ago, was a bit…

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