You Are Not Stuck In Traffic

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You are traffic Yes, it’s a marketing slogan, but I think it illustrates the way we think of ourselves. Each of us is the star of our own show. However empathetic we are, we only see through our eyes. As the world hits 7 billion people, it’s time to realise that there is not “an…

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Stephen Fry Ringtone

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Stephen Fry has recently recorded a BBC podcast about the history of the mobile phone. It’s a really great series, and I encourage you to listen to it. At one point in episode 4, Stephen sings the Nokia ringtone. So, here it is for your edification, and delight. Feel free to set it as your…

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Take Shelter from this Crap QR Code

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To whoever is responsible for this QR code marketing monstrosity: go home. Seriously, pack up the tools of your trade, go home, pour yourself a stiff drink, and weep at what you have done. The Poster Here’s a fun game for all the family! Play “spot the QR code” on this poster… Bzzzzzt! Time’s up!…

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Watching and Simultaneously Saving Video in mplayer – is it possible?

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This is a question I’ve posed in the Ubuntu forums, but I haven’t found the answer yet. I’ve got a great little IP security camera – the Y-Cam. It’s Internet accessible, so it can email me photos of any suspicious behaviour. It will also stream video and audio to a number of devices – including…

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QRpedia – Custom URLs

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This blog post is designed to foster a technical and logistical discussion. In much the same way as the earlier QRpedia language discussion did. One of the most requested features in QRpedia is to have custom URLs. For example, the British Museum may want a URL of “”. This has two main advantages. Better analytics.…

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Choosing a URL for your QR Code

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When you create a QR code which contains a URL, it is vital that the code is not only as small as possible, but also as user friendly as possible. I’m not a massive fan of short URL services like – but for shrinking the text you want to fit in a QR code,…

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Vodafone Content Control

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Back when I worked for them, I was (partly) responsible for some of Vodafone UK’s “Content Control” systems. I didn’t like the system then, and I don’t like them now. I understand the need that network operators have to protect themselves from bad headlines and give people some control over what they see online. What…

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Calibre PHP Patches

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Two quick patches which should be in the next version of Calibre PHP. Adding File Size This shows the sizes of the eBook files. Screenshot shows a demonstration using the free “Hacking The BBC” eBook.

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Installing Calibre PHP

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(These are mostly notes to myself!) I love Calibre, it’s the perfect eBook management tool. It comes with a built in WWW server so you can easily access your library on the go. The only problem is that this really only works if you have a single machine dedicated to Calibre. For various reasons, I…

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QR Codes Where There Is No Signal

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This is a great video all about the inappropriate use of QR codes. There’s one area where I think Scott Stratten is wrong – and that’s on the issue of QR codes where there is no signal. It’s a common trope to bemoan QR codes on the tube, or on an aeroplane – but I…

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