Kneel Before Your QR Master

You know what I love about the streets of London? The pavements are so clean. Many is the time I crawl around on my hands and knees - rubbing my trousers into the walkways of my beloved city. Hardly anyone kicks me up the arse, either. You feel the same way too, don't you? What? […] Read More

Woody Allen Challenge

As I watched Woody Allen's latest film - Midnight in Paris - I realised that there are so many films of his that I haven't seen. So, I have a brand new resolution for 2012. Watch every single film Woody Allen has made. In chronological order. Posting reviews on this blog. Woody has made over […] Read More

Xbox QR Code - Proof that MS Tag is Dead?

I've never been a fan of Microsoft's proprietary 2D barcode system. With the latest news that their tag reader and creator will support QR codes, it looks like the writing is on the wall for the multi-coloured blobs. Further evidence of this can be found on Microsoft's latest XBox poster which contains a rather prominent […] Read More Considered Unsafe (for QR Codes)

(After Ben Metcalfe's post on the the sage). As a mobile Internet consultant, companies often ask me which QR generator to use. There are many worth considering, but I always tell clients to avoid The security of Libya Internet organisations are probably not an immediate concern (you did know that's what .ly stands […] Read More

Review: Motorola Pro Plus

In my quest to find the perfect phone, I was recommended to try the Motorola Pro Plus by Seb Schmoller. This is my attempt to review it fairly after a week of usage. Some people have accused me of being unfair in my review of the Nokia Lumia. I think I was harsh - but […] Read More

Southeastern Trains QR Failure

If you're attempting a QR Code campaign, WAIT! Call me and I can help you avoid making this sort of disastrous mistake. Southeastern Dotted all around Southeastern's train carriages are posters like these. A fairly small QR code, with a reasonable call to action. Not the best use of QR codes - but fairly inoffensive. […] Read More

Maplin's QR Code Mistakes

Maplin, the UK technology retailer, is experimenting with QR codes in its Tottenham Court Road store. It's a very mixed bag which deserves equal measures of praise and criticism. Here's a typical product display stand with QR code placed on it. There's no "call to action". Nothing to say what the code is, how I […] Read More

A Right Pain In The Balls

The universe had a moment of quantum indecision while I was sat in a doctors' waiting room. It flickered randomly between playing nicely and messing with my head. I tried to collapse the probabilities by uttering a most unusual secular prayer for a man... Don't be pretty.... don't be pretty... don't be... "Mr Eden?" Maybe […] Read More