TfL are blocking rooted devices from accessing maps - how to fix

Error. TfL Go is only supported on unmodified version of Android.

TfL Go is a handy app. It gives you real-time access to the timetables and delays of London's tube and bus network. That's all you can do with it. You can't buy tickets, store a photocard, or anything like that. Which was why I was annoyed when this popped up in-app one day: I emailed […]

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Should Android's Dark Mode Invert Contact Photos?

Monochrome photo of Marylin Monroe. The colours have been inverted and it looks rubbish.

I don't know if this is a bug, or just the way the world works now. Several of the people who live in my phone use artistic black and white headshots. They look very cool. But my Android phone shows their image with inverted colours - so they look like pure shite. Here's what my […]

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How to Find the Meaning of Lineage Android's Status Bar Icons

Zoomed in icons, they're still a bit indistinct.

It's always a bit concerning when a new icon suddenly appears at the top of your phone's screen. Without any warning, my ageing OnePlus 5T - which now runs LineageOS - started showing this: I know that, from right to left, it is showing me my battery percentage, WiFi strength, and that I'm using work […]

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Wanted! A USB-C OTG single button keyboard

Little gadget the same shape as a headphone connector. There is a flat black button on the end.

I'm writing this post in the hope someone will rip off my idea and start selling it on Ali Express. Many years ago, I got a "Pressy". It was a little dongle which fitted into your phone's headphone jack. It had a single button on the top. It came with an app so when you […]

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All phones are foldable. But some are foldable only once.

An old Blackberry phone with a smashed screen.

I want a new phone! I went to a wedding and everyone1 had one of those new folding phones. Social marketing has done a number on me and inveigled its way into my brain. Hey, I make decent money, perhaps I'll buy one. How much could they possibly cost? About £1,700 for a Pixel Fold […]

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Should your phone be a webserver?

Screenshot of a Symbian mobile phone asking "Opening a secure connection. Yes or No?"

I really like this article from Rohan D "Every Phone Should Be Able to Run Personal Website". In it, they make the convincing case that phones are perfectly capable of hosting websites and - if we want more people to escape the walled-gardens - this could be a good way to get people back into […]

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Yes, you can run the Apple Music app natively on your Amazon FireStick

Photo of a TV showing the Apple Music app.

Apple have an Android version of their Apple Music app. The Amazon FireStick runs Android. So you can run Apple Music on the FireStick, right? WRONG! The official advice is to link Apple Music to the Alexa Skill - with its justifiably low review score. But we're hackers, we can do better than that, right? […]

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Review: InfiRay Thermal P2 Pro USB-C Camera for Android

Screen with lots of options.

The good folks at InfiRay have sent me their latest Infrared camera to review. It is tiny. It's smaller than a normal USB stick and barely weighs anything. Shove the USB-C protrusion into your Android phone, launch the app, and... nope - that's it! Pretty much instantly plug and play. There's also a reasonably long […]

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The limits of General Purpose Computation

A pet cat typing on a computer keyboard.

Should my bank be able to block me from using their Android app, just because my phone is rooted? I'm reluctantly coming to the conclusion that... yeah, it's fair that they get to decide their own risk tolerance. Sage of the Internet, and general Sooth Sayer, Cory Doctorow once gave an impassioned speech on "The […]

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SIP on Android - Sipgate and Linphone

Screenshot of the Linphone settings screen.

Three years ago, I wrote about how you could add SIP calls to Android for free. Android had a well-integrated system which made VoIP calling a first-class citizen on its handsets. Sadly, Google killed native SIP calling in Android 12. FFS! It's relatively easy to get it set up again, although you'll need to install […]

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