Generating Random Chiptunes on Linux

Unix is user-friendly — it's just choosy about who its friends are.

I like to listen to music while I work. I find - especially in an open plan office - that it is an essential aid to concentration. That said, I find music with lyrics particularly problematic as my brain prefers to concentrate on the words rather than the task in hand. On long flights, I […]

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Displaying WordPress Posts' JetPack Statistics Using stats_get_csv()

Bar chart showing how many times a blog has been red over a year.

Here's a quick way to display how many times a WordPress post has been read. For this, you will need: A blog running WordPress. The JetPack plugin installed. The ability to edit your themes. Here's the snippet of code I'm using to add "This post has been read 12,345 times". I'll explain how it works […]

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The best damn Bluetooth Keyboard in the world!

I love my keyboards. I mean, I have an unhealthy obsession with them. I spend a lot of time typing and the cramped keyboards which come with most laptops and MacBooks just don't cut it for me. Their poor ergonomics leave my wrists in pain. For years I was a devotee of the Microsoft 4000 […]

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A curious new mobile phone scam

Me in the recording studio of BBC Radio Oxford.

Last week I was contacted by the BBC's consumer affairs programme "You And Yours" for my expert opinion on a new type of mobile phone scam. Warning! I'll be on @BBCRadio4's You And Yours shortly.Please tune your wirelesses accordingly. — Terence Eden is on Mastodon (@edent) April 11, 2016 Several people had contacted the […]

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How Twitter Developers Can Combat Abuse

The Twitter logo.

Here's a simple step that Twitter App Developers can do to reduce the amount of abuse which is generated on the platform. A few friends of mine regularly receive harassment on Twitter. Typically, there are two ways to deal with it: Mute the offending user. This means their tweets to you never show up in […]

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Review: Chipolo

This is a quick unboxing / set-up / review of the Chipolo. This was a nifty piece of schwag from the Twitter Developer Relations team, to whom I'm grateful. The Chipolo is a multi-purpose Bluetooth Low Energy tag. It's like a high-tech version of one of those things which you attach to your keyring which […]

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You Can't Be Banned From The Houses of Parliament✱

I was listening to the excellent RHLSTP - because I am one of the cool kids - when the guest, Richard Bacon, made a curious confession about his adventures bringing News Bunny to the State Opening of Parliament. I got a letter from Black Rod - who runs both houses […] and it says that […]

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You Don't Have To Lead In Order To Succeed

A smartly dressed business woman points at some graphs.

Last week I ran a mentoring session with a young woman working in technology. She's smart, capable, dedicated, confident and utterly un-ambitious. She was incredibly frustrated that all of the training courses and women's networks she had found were fixated on her becoming a manager, an executive, or a CEO. We were both in agreement […]

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Deconstructing The Sounds Behind The Lightsaber Dream Sequence

Just a bit of fun for a Friday afternoon - and spoilers ahoy! Star Wars VII contains the most magnificence dream sequence. When Rey lays her hand on a lightsaber for the first time, the world dissolves as a cacophony of audio hallucinations plague her. It's a short sequence - lasting just under a minute […]

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