Choosing an "Example Number" For Your App

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You cannot fail to have noticed that in most American films and TV shows, all the phone numbers start 555. This is a reserved number in the North American Numbering Plan. It means that it's a number which will never connect to a real person or service. So you can avoid the situation where a… Continue reading →

Museums Showoff

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This was the sign that greeted me as I made my way into The Camden Head for the first Museums Showoff... Now, I've no idea why I was the headliner - but I certainly wasn't going to complain! Museums Showoff is a spin-off from the popular Science Showoff. The idea is that ten speakers come… Continue reading →

Leveson - Death By A Thousand (Paper) Cuts

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I've been listening to the Leveson inquiry. A large part of the exchanges seem to go like this: Jay: Turning to page 51. Witness: Which bundle? Jay: 1606. Witness: 1660? Leveson: No, the page after. Jay: Paragraph 7. Witness: I don't have a paragraph 7. Jay: Ah, I have an earlier print out. Leveson: You'll… Continue reading →

Train Tickets With QR Codes

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No, I'm not talking about Masabi's innovative technology, but of this rather odd bit of advertising found on the back of a train ticket. There's no specific call to action - but there's not much space to play with. Let's give it a scan... *sigh* A non-mobile site. With an Adobe Flash plugin in the… Continue reading →

The OAuth / App Anti-Pattern

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OAuth was designed to combat an anti-pattern. Typing your username and password into a third party site is bad idea. A really bad idea. I mean, you may think it's a bad idea to give your bank details to a Nigerian prince but that's just peanuts compared to giving away your password to an untrusted… Continue reading →

Open Source Shakespeare (in MySQL)

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My good friend Richard Brent has often complained that my blog has very little Shakespeare content. Despite the domain name, I don't think I've ever blogged about The Big S. For shame! Fear not, my Brentish-Boy, this post is all about Shakespeare. And MySQL.... Ahem... When I first started it was intended to be… Continue reading →

Do In App Payments Piss Off Users?

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Give Customers an Elevator Pitch for Your App

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We live in a world of our own creation. This means we can find it inconceivable that outsiders don't know the acronyms we use daily. How can anyone possibly live without understanding what we do? Customers don't understand your company's acronyms, processes, or business model. It's worse than that, though - most users don't even… Continue reading →

BlackBerry PlayBook and Ubuntu Linux - HOWTO with Screenshots

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Here's a simple way to copy files to and from your BlackBerry PlayBook when you're using Ubuntu. This should work with any form of Linux. This is a step-by-step tutorial with screenshots. On The PlayBook Plug your PlayBook into your Linux computer using a USB cable. You may see this screen (or similar) you can… Continue reading →

Context Specific Content Surfacing

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In a mixed paradigm environment, how do you ensure content is surfaced which is context specific? By which I mean - how do you make your content serve the user's time-bound constraints? What I'm trying to say is - serendipitous discovery must be restricted based on temporal imperatives. Or, to break it down further, a… Continue reading →