Trip to South Africa

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While my recent trip to South Africa was primarily for work, I couldn't spend a week there and not do some touristy things! The absolute highlight of the trip was being eaten by a lion! If you're in Joburg, visit Lion Park - an amazing place. Other highlights included.... I went up Table Mountain. I…

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QR Pal - When is an Android App not an Android App?

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It's been a while since I did a screenshot based review of a mobile app. I was gratified when QR Pal asked me to review their new app. First thing's first, this is a great idea for a QR Scanner. It saves all your scans - so you can retrieve them by category, it checks…

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What's Happening With Ribbit Mobile?

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I love Ribbit Mobile's voicemail service. It's the perfect replacement for the now-defunct SpinVox. My voicemail gets transcribed (by a human or machine) - then the text is emailed and texted to me. I even get an MP3 recording for later blackmail purposes. But today comes the news that Ribbit is shutting down. Or is…

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QRpedia Updates

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We're getting a few more museums lined up with QRpedia - and busy working on new features. I just wanted to update you on some interesting developments. QRpedia was presented by Roger at Wikimania - it seemed to go down a storm! The Children's Museum of Indianapolis are adding more QR codes. A lovely blog…

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Roaming Costs in Africa

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As I've mentioned, I'm off to Africa. I was wondering what the rates are going to be for roaming. I could get a local SIM - but as I'm only there for a few days, it seems a bit pointless - no one will have the number & I'll lose any credit at the end…

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