Google Play Won't Accept PayPal

Hey kids! Did you know that the best way to report bugs to Google is via passive-aggressive blog posts? Yup, s'true. They don't offer support for any of their products*, so your only hope is getting your complaint to the top of Reddit / HackerNews / Cool Site of the Day and hoping that particular […] Read More

ASCII Art in QR Codes

There are plenty of QR generators which will render the code in ASCII, but I wanted to try something a little different. Is it possible to hide ASCII Art into QR Codes? Errr.... yes... It's pretty damn simple! I was surprised I couldn't find anyone else doing this. (_/) (='.'=) (")_(") Becomes: Which, when scanned, […] Read More

Putting UK Flooding Alerts Onto Twitter #UKBLC14

As part of BlueLightCamp '14, a group of civil servants, hackers, and emergency service workers got together for a weekend of furious creation. I decided to look at flooding data. The recent floods in the UK are a brutal remember of the realities of climate change and our poor stewardship of the nation's waterways. The […] Read More

Cosmetic Changes to the Microsoft 4000 Keyboard

I've written before about my love for the MS 4000 Ergonomic Keyboard. It's the only keyboard I'm comfortable typing on for extended periods of time. Sadly, one of mine has started to get a bit old and frail - the letters are rubbing off and the keys are getting a bit spongy - so I […] Read More

Review - Wooden Phone Case for Galaxy Note 3

VWTech Co Ltd are yet another company out of Shenzen, China, selling weird and wonderful gadgets at knockdown prices. I decided to treat myself to one of their "Unique Real Handmade Natural Wood Wooden Hard Bamboo Shockproof Case For Samsung Galaxy Note 3" It promised to be a laser-cut and engraved, bamboo case for my […] Read More

Minor Privacy Flaw in iTunes API (Disclosed)

A (very minor) privacy issue I found with the iTunes API - disclosed on 7th April. Apple provide an API to allow users to search the iTunes store. Let's suppose that a user wishes to search for Music Videos from The Beatles. The search itself is performed over HTTPS. This means that anyone sniffing […] Read More

XSS at - disclosed and fixed

A few months ago, I was attending the National Hack The Government event. I was showing off some of the work I had been doing on "The Unsecured State" - looking at * website security. I was chatting to an envoy from the Food Standards Agency who was eager to hear more about what I'd […] Read More