The 511EB Is Getting a Firmware Update

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Like many people, I've been frustrated by the lack of firmware updates to the Elonex 511EB ebook reader. There are several bugs which are frustrating to many users - as judged from the comments on this blog. With the Amazon Kindle dropping to a lower price, this ebook reader really needs to be updated if…

Mobile Badvertising: Peugeot

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Peugeot's new mobile advert has a couple of critical flaws - but has just enough innovation to redeem it in my eyes. Read on to find the two basic mistakes they made, how to solve them, and the cool feature you should be incorporating into your adverts.

Google Contacts Copyright Madness

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Google has rightly received praise for its reworked "Contacts" functionality. But there is still a rather glaring error. One of the things I love to do is add images to my contacts. It gives me a visual cue when I'm scrolling through looking for a person, it prompts my memory when I see the face…

The Future Of Android ... And How To Stop It

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I was honoured when David Wood asked me to present at his first "brown bag" lunch lecture at Accenture. Normally I would run through a presentation of this length at several different venues and thoroughly hone it before presenting at a high profile event. As you'll see from the slides and video, it's still a…

Mobile Badvertising: Nokia Music

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I've mentioned Nokia on here a few times.  For a mobile focused company, they seem to have a real problem with mobile advertising. It starts well enough with an animated GIF. The site it links to is - cleverly, Nokia redirect mobile users to a specific mobile version of the site.  That's where it…

Mobile Badvertising: Floors-2-Go Have Crappy SMS Spam

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UPDATED 08 October 2010 How to unsubscribe If you want to unsubscribe from this SMS spam, you have three options. Ring "Dill" on 0121 359 0234 - she works for Floors2Go and will be happy to remove you from the list. Floors2Go purchased your phone number from tmnmedia - who assured Floors2Go that you were…

Moo Cards with QR Codes

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Moo Cards seem to be the darling of the UK tech scene. Cute business cards which you can personalise with whatever you like. Some people are boring and use company logos, others dump their best flickr images on there. Me? I'm all about phones and QR codes, so.....

eBook Libraries and DRM

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I was pleasantly surprised to see this poster at my local train station. Looks like Surrey Library is moving to the digital age. "Bet the site doesn't work on my phone," I thought. I was wrong! Overall, this is a brilliant new service. A great initiative to get people reading more books and improving library…