Selling Out

As some of you know, I got married dressed as Darth Vader. While we were on honeymoon, Liz and I were hounded by the paparazzi. Well, they rang while I was lounging by the pool. The Newbury Weekly News were invited to the wedding and made us a spectacular wedding video. Also, The Sun and […]

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Following on from my encounter with the police, I decided to file a complaint against Office 4825 for refusing to show me his ID via the BTP's public complaint form. Dear Sir or Madam, Office 4825 of the British Transport Police refused to show my his ID or Warrant Card when asked. I had been […]

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Am I A Dick?

Well. Yes, probably. I have a small character flaw. I don't like authority. I question authority. I overreact sometimes. This is me being stopped under Section 44(2) of The Terrorism Act 2000. I informed the police that I would be videoing and streaming to QIK. The video was cross posted to Phreadz and discussed on […]

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