QR Codes and Tesco

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It's great seeing QR codes going mainstream. First ASDA, then ITV2, now Tesco are creating print adverts with QR codes. After years of me banging on about how they were poised to take on in the UK - it looks like they've made it. The advert is a pretty good start. I'm a bit confused […]

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Voluntary Paywall

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Almost a year ago, I postulated a way to turn the tables on the News International paywall. After playing around for a bit, I discovered that it was easy to block The Times from reading a blog, but I couldn't find an easy way to disable the paywall on receipt of payment. So, I've set […]

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QR Codes hit ITV2...

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...And ITV2 screw them up... I wasn't allowed to watch ITV as a kid. More out of a desire to keep me from pestering my parents for He-Man action figures than a commentary on their shows. But my old biases have stayed with me. I rarely venture on to ITV - except for nature documentaries. […]

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QR Codes and Error Correction

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QR Codes are big news at the moment - both Google and Bit.ly announcing URL to QR services. What's interesting is their differing approach to error correction. From the creators of QR Codes, Denso Wave QR Code has error correction capability to restore data if the code is dirty or damaged. Four error correction levels […]

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QR Codes Going Mainstream? ASDA and Martina Cole

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Two of the biggest "mass market" brands are using QR Codes in their advertising. ASDA - the UK arm of Walmart - and Martina Cole - one of the UK's best selling authors. Here's the poster in situ Here's a close up of the code It's a reasonable physical size and the information density isn't […]

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Mobile Badvertising: Sony Pictures - Easy A

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Sometimes a mobile advert is just so bad that you wonder what drugs the people who commissioned were on. Easy A is new film aimed squarely a the youth market.  Perfect fodder for mobile advertising. Cute little advert, doesn't say what it will link to, but other than that, not bad.  So let's click through […]

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N8 Fail - Reasons Why the Nokia N8 Sucks

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Way back in 2010, I was sent a Nokia N8 to review. It was dreadful. Simply one of the worst devices I've ever used. My original ranty blog posts have been lost from tumblr, so I've reposted it here as a single post. It is pretty slapdash. I've added some commentary. Warning! There be swearing […]

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Hack Your Kindle

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I gave a quick talk at BarCamp Brigton about how to hack the Amazon Kindle 3G.  These hacks come in two flavours - easy and very easy. Very Easy - Pictures Wouldn't it be great to view pictures on your Kindle?  Well?  OK - pictures, perhaps not so much - but comics?  Yes please! For […]

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XMTS - X Marks The Spot

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Back in 2010 I tried to launch a Location Based Services app. It didn't quite work - mostly because I didn't have the business acumen to sell it onwards. Still, here are the slides, audio, and some photos of the presentation I did at BarCampBrighton 5. Terence, 2016. Location Based QR Codes - Introducing //xmts.mobi/ […]

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