WOTAN – the Font of Doctor Who and the War Machines

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The War Machines title card.

As part of my silly floppy artwork, I wanted to find a retro computer font. Then I remembered that there’s a 1960s Doctor Who serial with this beauty. The War Machines is a cracking slice of 60s sci-fi. It’s very groovy. But what font is it? It isn’t Westminster. The W is completely wrong. And…

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Review: Doctor Who – The Web Planet

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Doctor Who DVD.

The Web Planet puts the first Doctor and his companions in the middle of a war between two alien races – the moth-like Menoptra and a hostile race of ant creatures known as Zarbi – for possession of the planet Vortis. With the help of a grub-esque people called the Optera, the Doctor discovers the…

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Doctor Who and Red Dwarf are part of the same universe. PROOF!

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Tardis and starbug.

This is a minor obsession of mine. The crew of JMC Red Dwarf are familiar with 20th Century pop-culture – but they never mention Doctor Who. Why? In various episodes they talk about The Flintstones, Casablanca, Marilyn Monroe, Laurel & Hardy, and all sorts of TV shows. But Doctor Who is strangely absent. There can…

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Creating Animated Gifs from 3D Movies (HSBS to Gif)

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A few days ago, I posted this animated gif that I’d created from the 3D Doctor Who Special. I created that gif manually, but I wondered if it was possible to create such an animation in an automated fashion. Turns out, it’s pretty easy! This relies on ImageMagick – which is a powerful image manipulation…

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Brightening Up The Office – TARDIS Lanyards

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The only jewellery it seems acceptable for a modern man to wear is a discreet wedding ring, and a corporate necklace. I’ve long since given up wearing a tie – why trust a man who voluntarily wraps a noose around his neck? – but as a sop to modern work-wear I have a security badge…

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HOWTO: Make a Doctor Who "Bells of St John" Style WiFi Name

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No spoilers, sweetie 🙂 This evening’s Doctor Who – The Bells of St John – revolves around mysterious WiFi signals. Alien SSIDs which, if you connect to them…. well, watch the episode to find out! In the show, they look like these: So, can we do the same thing for our home WiFi network? Yup!…

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Having moaned that my TARDIS was too full, I set on a quest to find another. The cardboard one I had appears to be the last of its kind – but I did manage to snag this beauty on eBay. It’s a Panopticon ’93 Officially licensed TARDIS – similar to this one on RetroTrader. Click…

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Terence Eden – Regeneration

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In 1974, a post-boxing day Britain tuned in to BBC 1 to watch “Robot” – the first Doctor Who story to star Tom Baker. For the next 6 years, 2 months, and 22 days, Tom Baker was The Doctor. But, as these things are wont to do, it came to an end.  Forgive the spoilers,…

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Doctor Who QR Codes

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Mobile QR codes are fantastic. They’re real-life hyperlinks. Snap them with your phone and go direct to a website. What could be better? The BBC, however, need a few lessons in how to optimise the experience. As part of their Prisoner Zero page – the BBC have an awesome “Wanted Poster”. Here’s the teaser image.…

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Doctor Who and Mobile Phones

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A slightly modified BlackBerry Storm.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to any reader of this blog that I’m a phone geek. And a Doctor Who geek.  So, image my utter nerdgasm when we got to see the 11th Doctor using a mobile he’d nicked.  The burning question is which phone? It’s quite hard to see throughout the episode. It…

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