Regeneration: You were expecting someone else?

Colin Baker's regeneration as Doctor Who.

Twenty-Twenty-Two is Twenty-Twenty-NEW. Yup - time for me to regenerate into a new job. To recap - five years ago, I started at GDS in the Open Standards Team. Two-and-a-bit years later, I took a 6 months secondment to NHSX to do Open Standards. Eighteen months later, they finally let me go. I joined the […]

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Review: USB Foot Pedals - FS3_P

Three foot pedals in a slight semi-circle.

I've moved to s a standing desk. So now, obviously, I need something useful to do with my feet! It's time for a USB powered set of foot pedals! They're between £20 - £40 depending on what the algorithm think you'll pay. The USB cable is about 2 metres long - which is just about […]

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Is it faster to read or to listen?

A reel-to-reel tape recorder.

Fourteen years ago, I blogged about the future of voice. In the post, I asked these two questions - which I'd nicked from someone else: Are you faster at speaking or typing? Are you faster at reading or listening? Lots of us now use Siri, Alexa, Bixby, and the like because it is quicker to […]

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Edit this blog post!

Me wearing a Google Glass headset

This is a regular HTML page. But if you click or tap on the text, you will be able to edit it! HTML is magic! This isn't a fancy styled <textarea>, it's a <div> element which uses the contenteditable global attribute. There are some nifty features - depending on your browser. You can add more […]

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DVD Review: The E-Space Trilogy

DVD Cover of the E-Space trilogy.

A box set of late-era Tom Baker stories. And they're a bit of a mixed bunch. Full Circle First up, Full Circle - which introduces us to Adric. Ah, poor sweet Adric. He's an exercise in wish-fulfilment. Getting a nerdy, 17 year old, Who-geek to write a teenage nerd to appeal to other teenage nerds. […]

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Gadget Review: Eufy Video Doorbell

eufy doorbell using an echo as a chime.

Two years ago, I got a DophiGo DV-200 WiFi Doorbell. It's been OK, but I was hankering for an upgrade. Something with a more reliable app and better video / audio quality. About a year ago, I got a Eufy Security Camera System. It has been excellent. The main advantage is that it comes with […]

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Book Review: Inglorious Empire - Shashi Tharoor

Book cover for Inglorious empire - featuring a bejewelled crown.

I know shamefully little about the British Empire and its colonisation of India. I remember going on a school trip to the memorial at Ypres - but I don't remember hearing about the thousands of Indian troops who served and died. I learned endlessly about Churchill - but not about his racist attitudes towards the […]

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Practical Machine Learning with Python

Logo of the Python programming language.

As part of my MSc I'm taking a short course in Practical Machine Learning via The first three days were just about basic stats visualisation using Python. It was great to have a refresher - but I would have expected that to be a pre-requisite. The tutor was excellent - very patient at explaining […]

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How to migrate Google For Your Domain to normal Gmail

The Gmail icon.

Google has decided to fuck over its early adopters. Way back in 2006, Google announced Google Apps for Your Domain. Basically it was Gmail - but you could use your own domain. No more now you could be Hurrah! At the time, they said: organizations that sign up during the beta period will […]

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Use Python to get alerted when an Amazon wishlist item drops in price

Logo of the Python programming language.

Scratching my own itch. I want an alert when there's been a price drop on an item on my Amazon wishlist. I couldn't find an easy way to get an email directly from Amazon (customer-focused my shiny metal arse) so I knocked something up in Python. This is heavily inspired by Leigh Dodds' Wishlist Monitor. […]

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