Tweeting via QR

BBH Labs - a marketing agency's "Skunkworks" - recently blogged about using QR Codes to send messages via Twitter.
There approach was interesting, but as I commented, there are ways to improve it.

Tweet Me Via QR

If you scan in the above QR code, it will take you to Twitter and pre-populate your status with "@edent". You can, of course, set it to be any message you like.

There are two key things to remember with QR codes.

  1. Keep the information in them short to ensure readability.  The more characters you use, the larger the code and the harder it is to scan.  You can use URL shortners to do this if you have a long message.
  2. Make it mobile. QR codes are scanned by mobile phones. The information is looked at on a phone screen.  You should always direct people to the mobile version of your site.  In this case -

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