Do Newspapers Get The (Mobile) Web?

I've written before about how newspapers are reacting to the changing media landscape. Every so often, I spy something that reminds me just how far they need to go in order to fully "get" the web. This latest example is from the Financial Times. I have huge admiration for the FT. Their reporting is usually […] Read More

Integrating AudioBoo and Phreadz with Dabr

A quick explanation of how I integrated AudioBoo and Phreadz with Dabr. I'm a big fan of AudioBoo - for those who don't know it,  AudioBoo allows you to record some audio on your phone and then publish it to the web.  It's like instant podcasting.  Originally only for the iPhone, AudioBoo now works on […] Read More

Mobile Badvertising: Capgemini

If you're the sort of person who reads the Financial Times, you probably already have a good idea of who Capgemini are and what they do. That's just as well because their advert is almost illegible. Take a look. Lest you think I've been monkeying around with screensizes, let me assure you that the image […] Read More

When Will Amazon's MP3 Store Come To Mobile?

Music is a huge seller in the mobile marketplace.  Why carry a walkman or a discman when your phone can deliver high quality music to your £3.99 headphones?  Hear a song you like on the radio, in a concert, from a busker singing - a few clicks and it's on your phone ready to play. […] Read More

Mobile Badvertising - Nokia E72

Ahhh.... Nokia. Remember them? Once upon a time they were a global power-house. But now, with BlackBerry, iPhone and Android nipping at their heels, they are a shadow of their former self. I mean, Nokia "only" have a market share of 38% - and they "only" sold 108 million devices in the last quarter.... Hmmm.... […] Read More

When Did You Last Beat Your Wife?

(This post started out life as a comment to Robert Brook's Not Everything Is a Game post.) I remember when I stopped beating my wife. I used to beat her regularly without ever wondering why. Without really considering how it made her feel, the effect on our relationship or the effect it had on me. […] Read More

Tweeting via QR

BBH Labs - a marketing agency's "Skunkworks" - recently blogged about using QR Codes to send messages via Twitter. There approach was interesting, but as I commented, there are ways to improve it. If you scan in the above QR code, it will take you to Twitter and pre-populate your status with "@edent". You can, […] Read More

Building a Sudokube

After my previous post about the Sudokube, I decided to build one as my father's birthday present.  A quick recap, a Sudokube is like a normal 3x3 Sudoku, except the numbers wrap around the edges of a 4x4x4 cube. Clear? The Finished Result The cube took a few hours to build, hence my slightly frazzled […] Read More

Mobile Badvertising - BarCap

Ahhhh! The BBC. Shining bastion of purity in a sea of commercial malaise. Nothing can spoil its lustre. Well, for those of us in the UK. For the poor sods who find themselves living in the wilderness of ROW (Rest Of World) this is their BBC experience... The reasons for me seeing this are rather […] Read More