Dear Nokia...

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Nokia's marketing team are idiots. They've used URL over which they have no control on an advert for one of their premium handsets. This is the story of how I hijacked stole hacked recycled it and, in doing so, prevented Nokia from having a serious PR problem. E7 Poster This is advert for the new…

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Ubiquitous QR Codes

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How Popular Are QR Codes? One common complaint I hear is that QR codes are just too obscure. I don't think that's true. Aside from continual use in newspapers and magazines, they're all over the city. Here are a few examples that I snapped while walking around London.

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QRpedia Demo at Mobile Monday

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I love going to Mobile Monday London - it's a great meeting place for those of us in the mobile industry. It's also one of the few spaces which holds the equivalent of an "Open Mic" night. MoMoLo's Spring Demo Night was crowded with great entrants. So much so that each of us had only…

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QRator - QR Codes in the Petrie Museum

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As promised earlier this week, I popped over to London's Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology to take a look at what they're doing with QR codes. The staff were very friendly and quite happy to chat about their experiences with the codes. I'd like to thank them for taking the time to talk to me…

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QR Codes In Museums

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It seems that all good ideas are invented simultaneously. Calculus was arrived at by both Leibniz and Netwon, Gray and Bell invented the telephone within days of each other, and the electric car is currenly being pursued by many different manufacturers. Now it looks like sticking QR codes onto museum exhibits is the next big…

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QRpedia Presentation at Derby Museum

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It's always an odd experience to watch yourself speak. Everyone - I think - finds the sound of their own voice really odd. I'm no exception! This is the video from the Derby Museum Backstage Pass where we gave the first public demonstration of QRpedia. The Video Video shot by Nick Moyes. The Slides All…

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Derby Silk Mill Interview

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It's always a delight to be interviewed by the BBC - even if it is on a subject I know very little about! As part of the Wikimedia Derby Backstage Pass a group of participants were invited around the mothballed Silk Mill Museum. You can hear the full interview on the BBC iPlayer As the…

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Advertising On The Kindle

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It looks like the next big thing in Kindle-land is - depressingly - advertising subsidisation. the world's first ad-supported Kindle, going on sale within Target and Best Buy locations for $114. That represents a gentle $25 savings compared to the price of today's cheapest Kindle, but those 2500 pennies don't come free -- you'll be…

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QRpedia - Results from First Trial at Derby Museum

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Wow! What a day! I headed over to Derby Museum for the Wikipedia "Backstage Pass" event. I was invited there to talk about QRpedia and how it can improve visitor engagement in GLAM - Galleries Libraries Archives Museums. After the introductions, I had a quick wander around the museum - where I found the first…

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[Sponsored Post] Dell Inspiron Duo

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This is a sponsored post from ebuzzing I love my little Dell Laptop - it's served me well over the years. And it has become a magnet for stickers - some for companies who have long since gone bust! Recently, I've upgraded the hard disk to a pure solid state drive. The speed increase is…

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