Mobile and Technology Predictions for 2013

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So, here are my mobile predictions for 2013. Although I work for Telefonica, this blog is personal and my day job doesn't involve any of the products or services listed here. I've deliberately left of the boring predictions. Yes, Android will get bigger. No, iPhone won't release a budget model, etc. BlackBerry 10 I want…

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The Greatest Day Of 2012

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I've been using FourSquare and TwitPic to look back through 2012. It's been a pretty amazing year for me. I've been to India, spoken at a dozen conferences, photographed the moon, and got a lovely new job. But none of that - not one single experience - compares to May 30, 2012. That was the…

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Why Facebook Makes Me Feel Like A Loser

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I'm sat here, in my dressing gown. My fingers are greasy from eating crisps all morning. My back aches because I spent all night playing a stupid video game. The gin hangover isn't helping either. My week off work has been a wash out. I didn't write any code, I didn't cook anything other than…

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A Kickstarter for Political "Donations"

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A few years ago, I went to a recording of Mark Thomas' "Manifesto" radio show. Members of the audience can suggest humorous changes to the law and society that they would like to see enacted, and the rest of the audience votes on whether they're good enough - or funny enough - to be in…

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Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite

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Last week, I wrote about using my telescope for the first time and seeing the craters on the moon. I had to wait a few more days for the skies to clear - but that just built my anticipation. Last night, I noticed a new star up in the sky. After consulting the astrological almanacs,…

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Should You Trust App Store Reviews?

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If you've ever released an app - or, indeed, any creative work - you know that one of the worst things you can do is read its reviews. Oh, yes, sure - it's important to listen to your customers, it's vital to act on their feedback, and you should always take their suggestions seriously. But…

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A (Nuclear) Blast From The Past

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As I was digging around some ancient back-up CDs, I happened across some of my early web pages. Way back in the mists of time, I was a member of the UEA Peace Society. As well as organising talk on campus, we occasionally went on protests. This page records the protest we took to Lekenheath…

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Astrology For Businesses

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A few years ago, my work sent me on a training course. It involved the usual things, trust exercises, team bonding, and personality profiles. I filled in a few forms, answered some questions, and the very professional looking lady marked up my paper and said, "I see that you're a Scorpio. That means you're focused…

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Which Charities Do You Donate To?

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Give As You Earn is a wonderful system; I can donate to charity directly from my monthly pay cheque. I don't have set up any Direct Debits, or standing orders, I get a tidy tax break, and the charity gets a chunk of change. For every tenner I donate, it costs me £6 - and…

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Volunteer With AppsForGood

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I've written before about CDI's AppsForGood initiative. They work with schools and help students develop apps. Currently, they are working with 100 schools across the UK to deliver courses to more than 5,000 students. If you work in the mobile industry, you should volunteer to be one of their experts. Spend just 30 minutes having…

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