QR Codes seen in the wild!

Digital billboard with a DataMatrix code on it.

Seen on a billboard in London, near Oxford Circus tube. A part electronic animated advert offering a discount at a local store. If you text to 79990 you'll receive a Datamatrix code. In this case, it's the store which is using the code; they'll scan it in before giving you a discount. This is a […]

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Bluetooth Spam from Coca-Cola

A refreshing bottle of Coca-Cola.

Bluetooth spam. It's been debated for a long time, but it looks like it's becoming a reality in the UK now that the ICO say marketers do not need opt-in consent - although the DMA differs in opinion. I was quietly sat in a London restaurant when my phone bleeped into action. Would I like […]

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Turn Your N95 into an iPhone

Photo of an old Nokia N95.

Samir has just released this little auto-rotate app for the N95. As you rotate your phone, the screen reorients itself. It's a brilliant idea and an excellent application... But it really calls into question Nokia's ability to react to the market. The N95 has always had an accelerometer (the device which tells it which way […]

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QR Codes

A QR code.

QR Codes are funky 2D barcodes. Snap one with your camera phone and you'll get information on your phone. However good your mad T9 skillz are, it's a struggle to type in long URLs, SMS exact keywords to a shortcode or to accurately transcribe a business card onto your phone. That's where QR Codes come […]

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MusicStation, some thoughts

Mobile web page showing Kylie Minogue.

Some thoughts on MusicStation - in response to Ewan at SMS Text News (I do work for Vodafone, but these are my own opions....) MusicStation by Omnifone is a service offered by Vodafone. For £2 per week, you can download as much music as your phone can store and listen to it any time, anywhere. […]

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