Valkee's Website Was Misleading

Regular readers may know that I'm not a big fan of Valkee - the magic light you shine in your ears to improve your mood. Back in September, I complained to the ASA about the Valkee website. I felt that it was making unfounded claims, was confusing testimonial with science, and was generally misleading. In […] Read More

Choc In To Joyville - Cadbury's Hackday

Before Cadbury's inaugural hackday began there were a number of rumblings on the blogs about the extact nature of Cadbury's intentions. See Thayer Prime's and Emma Mulqueeny's thoughts on the subject. As it happens, after a bit of gentle poking, some of the terms were clarified. The event itself went rather well, but I'd like […] Read More

The SIM-less Phone Is Coming. And It Should Scare The Shit Out Of You

The argument over the nano-SIM is a distraction. It's a sleight of hand designed to catch the industry off guard and fool it into doing something really stupid. The SIM is designed to do a number of things; encryption, address storage, hold SMS, etc. Most importantly, it's designed to be swappable. With GSM, you can […] Read More

Crowdsourcing Leveson

I've already blogged about the Leveson Inquiry's disturbing habit of releasing evidence as scanned in PDFs. I had a suggestion from digital journalist Kevin Anderson @edent Put the Leveson docs up on Google Docs. I'd be curious how their OCR could handle them. Then click 'make public' — Mr Anderson (@kevglobal) May 11, 2012 Google […] Read More

Senseg Feelable Touchscreen Video

I had a chance to play with Senseg's feelable technology today - here's a quick video showing it off. The guys are (naturally) cagey about their product launch, but here's what I was able to glean. It will be multi-touch compatible. The tablet appeared to be Android - that's just the demo unit though. Developer […] Read More

Why Can't Red Dwarf Predict The Future?

The entire premise of Red Dwarf rests on this one scene: Lister's cat is discovered because he takes a photo of the two of them and has it developed in the ship's photo lab. In 1988 - when Red Dwarf was first aired - nothing in the world seemed more natural than to get a […] Read More

Interesting Twitter Hashbang Bug

Did you know that you can to link to a specific Tweet on Twitter? The URL looks like this:!/edent/status/197967209459499008 Pretty obviously, that's the user's name and the ID of their tweet. Simple, right? Not really, click on that link and you'll see this: That's my name in the URL bar - but the Number […] Read More

Windows Phone 7 vs Android

Last week, I posted this tongue-in-cheek suggestion. Prediction*: iPhone5 & Samsung Galaxy S 3 to have IDENTICAL hardware. Battle of the OS / ecosystems! *Well, wishful thinking! — Terence Eden (@edent) April 26, 2012 Wouldn't it be great if there was a proper show-down between the two major players? You could really compare which OS was […] Read More