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It sounds like a Judoon war cry - "Na Blo Po Mo!" But rather than legions from the Shadow Proclamation, it is an amassed horde of bloggers poised to do battle with the enemy. Gentlemen - the enemy is us. I noticed that I had averaged a blog post every few days in October -…

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Review: Dans Le Noir?

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I first heard of Dans Le Noir? last year and have been itching to go ever since. Dans Le Noir? is a restaurant with a gimmick. You eat in the dark. I don't mean that the lights are dim; there are no lights. Mobile phones and watches with luminous dials are banned. There's not so…

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Recycling The FreshCase

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Earlier this month, the lovely people at FreshCase sent me some boxes of wine. Alex Hilton wanted to know how easy it was to recycle. So, for your edification and delight, I present... Recycling The FreshCase Disclaimer These boxes of wine were sent to me for free. Enjoy alcohol responsibly. Do not attempt without adult…

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Mobile Badvertising - NatWest

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I feel a bit guilty about including NatWest's latest mobile advert in my Badvertising section - because it's mostly very good.  But it shows exactly why you need to carefully examine every link within your site and see how useful it is for your customers. You may have noticed this animate banner as you wander…

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Mobile Badvertising - #tweetsgiving

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America and Canada both celebrate a holiday called "Thanksgiving". Although, for complex reasons, the celebrate it at different times of the year. Outside of North America the holiday simply doesn't exist. Much like the US doesn't celebrate Guy Fawkes night - the British don't celebrate Thanksgiving. So, I was a little surprised to see this…

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I'm an Apathist.  It's a funny sort of mix between the various flavours of Atheism and Agnostism. At its very root is the fact that I just don't care.  Arguments about religions and their various gods are tedious; by their very nature there is no way of resolving them. So, lets take some points.  See…

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Repairing an Xbox's DVD Drive

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For the last four years, I've been using a chipped XBOX as my media centre. Running XBMC, it has managed to play everything I've thrown at it. Recently, though, it has had a real problem playing standard DVDs. Aside from percussive maintenance, the only way that I know to fix something is to crack it…

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Response to Ewan

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Ewan of Mobile Industry Review has published his weekly newsletter in which he is somewhat critical of Vodafone 360.  The newsletter is not available on his website, so I'll quote excerpts of it here. This is a tricky blog post for me to write. I am involved in some aspects of Vodafone 360 (mostly My…

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Seesmic Twitter Client for BlackBerry

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Seesmic, a service I've not tried before, have released a Twitter client for the BlackBerry. Is it any good? How does it compare with the features of Dabr or the usability of UberTwitter? Find out! Getting the client was fairly simple, but could be better. Simply visiting was enough to bring up a mobile…

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I get irrationally annoyed by things. Take a look at this festive stocking filler: While this would be a diverting little puzzle, it isn't properly a Sudoku. Getting each face to have 1-9 may be more challenging than a traditional Rubik's Cube, it doesn't have that beautiful arrangement that Sudoku has. Indeed, it's rather ugly…

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