Migrants and Mobiles

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There’s a pernicious myth – often spread by tabloids – that the poor and hungry don’t deserve the meagre possessions which make life worth living. You see this in headlines like “Benefit Scum Have Flat Screen TV!” It ignores the fact that a) they may have bought the TV when they had disposable income, b)…

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What's The Real Cost of a SmartPhone?

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There’s been a little bit of confusion in the blogosphere recently about the true cost of smartphones. Ewan Spence points out that the iPhone actually costs $2,000. An instant response by Bill Palmer points out that Nokia’s Windows 8 smartphones cost $2,500. The US and European markets are radically different in how they operate and…

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Why Android Is Not Safe In Google's Hands

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One of Android’s great strengths is its openness. The source code is (mostly) there for anyone to see. If you’re a hardware manufacturer, you can use Android on your devices with just a few mouse clicks. But there’s a problem in Android-land, one which has been growing for several years. Open Software has many advantages…

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Doctor Who and Mobile Phones

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A slightly modified BlackBerry Storm.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to any reader of this blog that I’m a phone geek. And a Doctor Who geek.  So, image my utter nerdgasm when we got to see the 11th Doctor using a mobile he’d nicked.  The burning question is which phone? It’s quite hard to see throughout the episode. It…

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