BBC iPlayer on your phone in 4 easy steps (and 2 hard ones)

Photo of an old Nokia N95.

I love the BBC iPlayer. Now that it works on Linux (and anything else with Flash 9) it's a really good way to catch up on shows without having to go to The Pirate Bay and wade through mountains of crap. There are only 2 problems.... 1) I can't download the shows 2) I can't […]

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Time To Grow Up And Get Married

(Archived from B3ta's "How Nerdy Are You" QOTW) I could bore you all with thrilling tails of BBC Micro programming, mobile phone USSD commands, obscure Mornington Crescent rules - but I won't. I'll tell you a tale of a small, frightened little nerd... I was about 3 years old and had been asked to be […]

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