Sky News Infringed My Copyright

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UPDATE! I have reached a settlement with Sky. Update: 16 March, 2011. They have finally paid up! tl;dr Sky News stole my copyrighted work and distributed it without credit or payment. I asked them to pay £1,500. They refused. Full Story During the recent O2 brouhaha I recorded a video showing how the issue could…

IPEXPO and the Unscannable QR Code

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I recently overheard two advertising executives discussing their latest QR campaign. I jotted down what they were saying... Dave! Dave! I've got a brilliant idea! What is it, Fred? Let's make a QR code... right... but make it really hard to scan! Brilliant idea, Fred! How? We can stick it on a Taxi, so that…

Gov Camp UK

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As per the meme, here are my 20 points on Gov Camp UK. Sign up early. I dawdled and so was only able to get a ticket for Saturday. I feel like I missed out on a lot of interesting conversations. BarCamps should be recorded for posterity. It's a point I've made before. Cameras and…

Path - Privacy & Security Problems

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I'm trying out the new Android app for Path - the new social networking service. I've discovered something rather troubling... Most of the app's communication with the Path servers is over SSL. This means that no-one can see the data you're sending and receiving. If there are snoops on your network, they will only be…

QRpedia - We Made The Shortlist for Most Innovative Mobile Company!

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We're incredibly excited to announce that QRpedia has made the shortlist for the Smart UK Project! We are searching for the UK's Most Innovative Mobile Companies. Our aim is to celebrate UK innovation and showcase the best examples of UK mobile innovation. We'll be presenting at the competition in January - if we make the…

More *Real* QR Statistics

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There was a lot of interest in my recent post about TfL's QR statistics. Today, I present to you three very different QR codes and their statistics. These are all taken from the Metro newspaper on Tuesday January 10th. Wowcher First up is "Wowcher", a big quarter page advert on page 28. Wowcher's statistics show…

Brilliant! Bigger Battery Boosts Business

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You may have heard of "Range Anxiety". It's the worry that your car will run out of petrol before you have a chance to find a filling station. I have "power anxiety" - the crushing realisation that my smartphone's battery will be dead by lunchtime if I use it for more than five minutes. Over…

Real QR Statistics from TfL

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Last year, I suggested that TfL should use QR codes to point to their excellent mobile countdown service. Looks like someone was listening! I spotted this poster at a tube station. Nestled in the corner is a QR code pointing at the mobile bus countdown service! This is a close-to-perfect use of QR. Points to…

WURFL and Database Copyright

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When a phone's web browser visits your site, how can you tell what capabilities that phone has? How can you work out its screensize, whether it can play mp3s, or know if it supports a particular bit of JavaScript? It ought to be possible using a mixture of UAProf, accept headers, and media queries. But…

SouthWest Trains' Silly Twitter Mistake

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An amusing mistake spotted by my wife on her way to work. SouthWest Trains are trying to promote their Twitter service - @SW_Trains - via their LED message boards. Looks like the displays don't understand the underscore character. I wonder if anyone tested this before it went live? You can watch the full video