Caution Needed When Using CloudFlare and Better WP Security

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There's a nasty WordPress hack doing the rounds at the moment. Essentially, it looks for WordPress blogs and then tries to log in to them using common username / password combinations. If you're still using "admin" and "secret" - now is the time to change them! I've started using Better WP Security on my blogs.…

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Brightening Up The Office - TARDIS Lanyards

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The only jewellery it seems acceptable for a modern man to wear is a discreet wedding ring, and a corporate necklace. I've long since given up wearing a tie - why trust a man who voluntarily wraps a noose around his neck? - but as a sop to modern work-wear I have a security badge…

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Can Oneko Help Beat RSI?

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(Praying to Betteridge!) For the last few years, I've been using ergonomic computer input products such as the Microsoft 4000 keyboard and the Evoluent Vertical Mouse. I spend a lot of time on my computer - and I know how crippling the pain of RSI can be - especially for someone who relies on their…

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Screenscraping Album Artwork From The Linux Command Line

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Like many people, I've collected a fair number of CDs over the years. As hard-drives and MicroSD cards have got larger and cheaper, I've gradually been ripping them to FLAC. Most CD rippers automatically tag the music files with the correct metadata and, nowadays, they will also download and embed album artwork as well. (As…

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What Can Android Learn From Symbian's Security Model?

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A terrifying list of permissions.

More bad news for Android owners. A huge Russian malware operation is infecting Android apps in the the Google Play Store. The malware - hopefully now removed - hijacks your personal details, and sends premium rate text messages to drive profits for its owners. Nasty. This is the price we pay for Android's open access…

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No One Must Know This Is A Sponsored Post

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Media Discovery (New Web Ltd) is encouraging blogs to run paid for advertorials, without disclosing to their readership that the content is an advert. This appears to be in breach of the advertising industry's code of practice. Anyone who has ever run a blog is probably familiar with these sorts of email - I get…

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Traditional Book Publishers Don't Own The Future

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One of the "perks" of running a moderately popular blog is that sometimes people send you stuff. I've been sent wine, phones, apps, and all sorts to review - usually by PR people who realise that engagement with bloggers is a little different that their regular way of doing business. Yesterday, I received this delightful…

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Clear Channel's NFC Mistake

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I've talked before about advertising hoardings with combined NFC & QR codes. It looks like Clear Channel - the advertising behemoth - is getting into the game. Spotted all over London are these bus stops with built in advertising poster. Look on the right hand side, and you'll see the interactive element. It's pretty well…

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Why Aren't Terrorists Bombing Queues?

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In 2010 I wrote a blog post called "Why Aren't Terrorists Bombing the Queues?" - but I chickened out of publishing it. Bombing a plane is hard, you have to buy a ticket, get past airport security, detonate it at just the right time, etc. By comparison, anyone can walk into a busy airport -…

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Disassembling an eReader

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I've always loved taking things apart. I remember, as a child, trying to sneak a set of screwdrivers onto a transatlantic flight. I wanted to see how the aeroplane worked and figured that unscrewing vital components while in flight would be just fine. I've (mostly) grown out of the habit of tearing down things which…

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