Home Made Kindle Case

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There are lots of tutorials for how to create a Kindle case from a hollowed out book. This is the first time I've seen one in the wild. Created by my colleague Elliot Moore.

Get Paid For Searching?

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When the Web was young, and I was even younger, there existed a number of schemes which offered to pay you to surf. Usually this involved installing a permanent advert bar on your PC which tracked your usage and displayed adverts to you. I knew a few people who got cheques from these services -…

Reputation Management at the Speed of Fright

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(This post appears on ReputationOnline) Vodafone has suffered a massive blow to it corporate reputation in recent days.  A security error on their site allowed anyone to find customers' email addresses and phone numbers.  It's still unknown if any accounts were compromised due to the flaw - nor is it known if there was any…

Vodafone Exposes Users' Email Addresses

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(Disclaimer - I used to work for Vodafone. I don't any more.) A rather nasty flaw with Vodafone's "My Account" service was recently pointed out by Denny de la Haye. Vodafone will quite happily tell you the email address of any customer who has set up the "My Account" facility. Ugh. @VodafoneUK's website exposes my…

Charity Hack - QR Codes For Enhanced Mobile Giving

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This is the presentation I gave for Charity Hack 2010. Charity hack qr codes from Terence Eden If you're on mobile, you can view the mobile friendly version of the slides. Audio and video coming later. The gist of the talk is - use QR codes to drive mobile donations. Use return SMS to encourage…

Mobile Badvertising: Tesco, Nokia, Guardian

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Three failures and one giant lost opportunity Failure 1 - Targeting This version of the Tesco shopping app is only available on Nokia phones. Nothing wrong with that - Nokia are still the biggest phone seller on the planet. So why allow the advert to be shown to Android users? It will annoy users, reduce…

Kindle and SureSignal - or how to find your Kindle's phone number

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I've got a rather neat femtocell - the Vodafone SureSignal. It extends the 3G signal into my house by way of my broadband. To stop anyone leaching my broadband, you need to register "approved" phone numbers with the SureSignal. So - given that the Kindle has a Vodafone SIM card - how do we find…

Kindle 3 Vs Elonex 511EB

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I've just taken delivery of a shiny new Amazon Kindle 3. I'm looking forward to giving it a thorough review - but here's a quick comparison between it and my venerable Elonex 511EB.

Why Doesn't Your Site Work On My Mobile?

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This is the presentation I gave for OpenTech 2010 Opentech updated from Terence Eden If you're on mobile, you can view the mobile friendly version of the slides. Here's the audio of the talk. The gist of the talk is - more people have mobile web enabled phones than have iPhones or Androids. Open Data…

OpenTech 2010

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A quick report on OpenTech 2010 - the London event for geeks interested in Government data, openness and generally doing good things with tech and data. I attended last year's event which inspired me to create my "VoteUK" service for the 2010 general election. I had considered doing a talk about the trials and tribulations…