Mobile Badvertising

Mobile advert from Avis promising cheap rental.

I've seen two very different adverts recently which, in my opinion are bad. Very bad. I'd even go so far as to say that they are terrible. The first is a poster advert seen at my local train station. A tagline, a shot of the service and a URL. Let's break it down. 1) The […]

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I'm a former Scrable Champion

A random assortment of wooden Scrabble tiles.

Way back before Facebook, when the Internet was made of string and chewing gum, when Scrabble was a game for old people and nerds, I was.... Well.... A nerd!I loved Scrabble and attained the heady heights of school champion! But it wasn't enough. I had tasted power and wanted more. I devoured Scrabble strategy books, […]

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