LTE Woes

The logo for LTE.

(The author currently works for Telefonica - but these views are his own) Do you remember when mobile phones were in their infancy? The frequencies allocated to Racal's Vodafone and to BT's Cellnet were mutually incompatible. You couldn't simply switch your SIM to another handset, you had to specifically make sure that it supported your […]

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HP's Smartphone Conundrum

The HP logo.

So, a year after throwing the baby out with the bathwater by dumping its Palm WebOS software, HP has decided it wants to get back into the smartphone game. HP's position isn't quite as perilous as Nokia's "Burning Platform" was, but there are definite similarities. Apple sells more iPads than HP sells PCs, their traditional […]

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Review: Panasonic TX-L37ET5B

After a crappy experience with an LG, I decided to go for a slightly more reputable manufacturer - Panasonic. I went for the cumbersomely named Panasonic TX-L37ET5B 37-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p 3D LED TV with Freeview HD. Looking at the TX-L37ET5B's specs it's a close to perfect TV. Four HDMI ports Enough miscellaneous ports […]

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I Haven't Quit Twitter - Twitter Quit Me

It's the height of self-indulgent wankery to blog about why one is flouncing away from a social network. So, here's my rant. There are many like it - but this one is mine. Let me start by saying something which I hope is obvious. Twitter belongs to Twitter. It's their game and they can take […]

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A UTF-8 Aware substr_replace (for use in

The PHP logo.

So, I stayed up bashing my head against a brick wall all last night! PHP's string functions aren't (yet) UTF-8 aware. This is a replacement for subtr_replace which should work on UTF-8 Strings: function utf8_substr_replace($original, $replacement, $position, $length) { $startString = mb_substr($original, 0, $position, "UTF-8"); $endString = mb_substr($original, $position + $length, mb_strlen($original), "UTF-8"); $out = […]

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Visualising Conversation Threads In Hyperbolic Space

In 2009, Kosso and I petitioned Twitter to allow us to search for Tweets by their "in reply to" ID. The idea was that developers could created a properly threaded view of conversations. Of course, Twitter being ultra-responsive to developers, did absolutely nothing. Skip three years into the future, and is providing all the […]

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